How To Make A Basic Draped Shirt With No Sewing

So I’ve been a little bit obsessed with making wrap shirts lately. It’s such a fun thing to experiment with especially because there is pretty much no sewing involved!

Easy Bow Back T-Shirt Surgery Tutorial

Depending on your side of the world, it’s warming up or cooling down. It’s cooling down here but I refuse to accept that and so I’m still making Summer clothes >_>

I had this big shirt that I bought from the thrift store laying around and while it was super comfy, it wasn’t super feminine so I decided it was time for a make over.


How To Sew A Basic Stretch Lace Shirt – Sew Fun!

Yay sewing tutorial! Today is part one of a shirt and skirt set remake! I’m classing this  as being part of the Sew Fun series but keep in mind it’s not so much for complete beginners, it’s more intermediate so I’m going to be skipping some basic steps along the way. There will hopefully be more beginners tutorials as soon as I have time to sew.

Make Your Own Needle Felt Hat

Ok it’s the time of year where I get really into hats again. It’s probably because I’ve been watching Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and I want ALL THE CLOCHES.
So… I decided to give making one a try. It didn’t turn out too badly actually and now that I know how much the felt shrinks I think I’m going to get a bit more adventurous next time and make something more impressive.

Stripy Knitted Neckerchief Tutorial

Neckerchiefs! I love them! Knitted neckerchief is really hard to type without wanting to spell it knitted kneckerchief…

But back on track, for today’s project let’s make a stripy knitted neckerchief! This design and length is great because it can double as an usamimi. Winner!


Needle Felted Flower Cardigan Tutorial

Spring! Nice warm weather! Except it’s Melbourne and we’re having none of that! But who cares, let’s pretend! So after needle felting those gloves last time, I wanted to do some more using the same technique so I found an old cardigan that needed some updating and off I went 😀


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