New Decoden iPhone 4 Case

My iphone case was getting a bit beaten up and dirty so it was time to change it up for something new and fun!

The end result!


This was something I’d thought about for a while because my current style is trying to talk the line between super cute and a little bit older and classier. I want a phone which can be super cute every day but one that I won’t need to worry about pulling out in a meeting XDSo what is the solution!?INTERCHANGEABLE SLIDING CASES!I bought this cute phone case on ebay for $5, the same one in stores here is $30 >_< Ebay for the win!


Anyway the cool thing about this case is that it comes apart and the back plate slides out so you can remove the back plate without having to take the whole case off. They sell a lot of different designs which are classy and quite understated but this means there’s the possibility of carrying different plates and switching out on the occasion 😀 You  could even have different ones depending on outfits! WIN.


So I didn’t want to wait another few weeks to get different plates posted and they didn’t have any blingy ones so I decided to make my own from scratch.

You need:

  • An old sketch book with a plastic cover
  • Scalpel and scissors
  • Coloured pencil
  • Bling
  • Epoxy glue
  • Paint matching your plate


You need something hard to use for the face plate. Plastic is good so I recycled an old sketchbook cover, it’s the perfect width to fit into the grooves of the case.

I traced around the edge of the original plate to get the shape.


This is where the coloured pencil is useful because it shows up on the black sketchbook.


After cutting it out and placing it into the case it looked like this:


Yay! Now you need to cut out a hole for the camera 😀 Again trace with the pencil.


Mine next to the original!


Done! Now it’s time for the deco to begin 😀 Deco looks best if you have the same colour base, because it’s so dark I used a white acrylic base coat first.


Then painted it pink with nail polish.


So before I could go any further I had to remove the old deco on my phone. Some of you guys asked when I originally did it whether the contact would really protect the phone… the answer is yes so let’s see how much!

I VERY carefully slid a scalpel around the edges between the contact and the phone. I angled it a little upwards at all times so as to avoid scratching the phone. Seriously, if you’re going to this please be extremely careful.

Because the contact was covered with epoxy glue to hold on the gems it was very hard and easily popped up straight away once I wiggled it a bit.


I managed to remove the entire piece without damaging it 😀


Aaaand crappy photo but my phone doesn’t have a scratch on it. In fact it’s in far better condition than the front is XD


In fact, I made yet another face plate using the deco I removed by resticking it to a white piece of paper and then another plate I cut out. WIN!


Aaanyway, back to deco-ing the new one.

First up I lined up the large pieces and glued them down with epoxy. These are bits of necklaces that BGDino sent me!


I wanted to make sure that I didn’t deco too far around the edges so I kept it in the outside case from this point on. Next I added pearls and other large pieces around the edges of the necklace.


And filled the rest in with some small diamantes.


Super simple design.


And the best part is I can make as many of these as I like and change it up often!


I’ll never get bored 😀


I’m going to try making some painted ones next too 😀


You could even change them depending on how big the handbag you’re using is haha! Little for dinners and then big for and everyday bag XD


Hope you guys enjoyed! What do you think my next design should be? I could do a Bergamot one!!

New Camera Decoden Panasonic Lumix GF3

So if you follow me on Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr/whatever you probably saw I got my Christmas present early this year. What was it? A new camera! 😀 A Micro 4/3rd Panasonic GF3 which I’ve been pining over since it was first announced around 8 months ago. I’ll be doing a full review on it later (in which I test whether it can do all of the things they show in the cute Japanese/Taiwanese ads by re-enacting them!) and I’ve got two snapshots posts scheduled for the weekend of the first night I took it for a spin but in the mean time this is how I deco’d it  with a mixture of Swarovski and pearls ^_^


VioletLeBeaux-Decoden-Camera-Panasonic-Lumix-GF3-8321_10973This time, because it was a nice pink already, I wanted to go for something less over the top and more cohesive so I made the flowers a feature and just paved in the rest. I put my initial on the lens and custom painted all of the pearls. I’m planning to make a couple of other lens caps so I have interchangeable ones. I also have to do the other lens it came with and the lenshood flower thingy.VioletLeBeaux-Decoden-Camera-Panasonic-Lumix-GF3-8319_10971 

For the moment I’ve left the back plain because I’m out of gems but that may change in the future. I also want to make a custom embroidered strap for myself like the one I made for James last year too. I should have more time for that when I get back 😀


So this design I debated over for quite a while because I waited so long for the camera that I wanted it to be really me 😀


This time I also recovered the entire deco surface with thin double sided tape before I used epoxy glue on top of it because I have a feeling I’m going to want to change the design fairly often. I probably didn’t need to do this because it’s a metal housing but better safe than sorry!


All of the things I considered before settling on the flowers:


So there you go, I like it quite a bit and I think I’ll enjoy being able to change it all on a whim. Now I just need to decide if I’m going to sell my old deco’d TZ10 before or after we go to the zoo for Christmas. I am debating because it has a fantastic zoom on it so it’s great to take photos of far away animals XD


Hope you all enjoyed!



Rainbow Decoden Thread Cutter

Another deco project where the pictures speak for themselves! I knit and crochet a fair bit and even though we must have at least 10+ pairs of scissors in our house I can never find them at the right moment so I usually resort to trying to break the yarn to avoid having to get up XD Bad Violet! Last week my Mum saw me doing this and came home with a thread cutter hahaha!


Of course I had the same problem with not being able to find it when I needed it. So I decided to deco it in the most obnoxiously bright way I could think of: rainbow and cake. The end result doesn’t remotely go together well but I couldn’t care less as long as I can find the damn thing! the cake was added as it’s a piece I’ll probably never use and here it provides function as a grippy thing.

See deco can be functional sometimes too!

So onwards to the pictures…


VioletLeBeauxDSC_0088_6516VioletLeBeauxDSC_0087_6515violetlebeauxdsc_0091_6519violetlebeauxdsc_0092_6520violetlebeauxdsc_0095_6523violetlebeauxdsc_0093_6521To go one step further I even added a bright ribbon and tied it around the drawer on my side table. IT WILL NEVER BE LOST AGAIN!

Problem solved 😀 How do you avoid losing important stuff? Or are you like me and can’t find anything unless it’s tied to you in some way? XD


Polly Pocket Necklace Decoden

This post is devoted entirely to Sirena Sparklestar, without whom I wouldn’t have rediscovered my love of my old toys or combined it with my love of sparkles. Do check out her blog, it’s full of very pretty crafts and beauty things!

Polly Pocket Deco

The story behind this tutorial is that I was desperately searching through my box of old toys for something and I came across my old Polly Pockets, I used to have a massive collection of them as a kid but over the years they all gradually disappeared other than the first one I ever got: a little star locket and a rose locket. I still love it after all of these years and as a fitting way to make it a little more my current style I decided to deco it.

Polly Pocket Deco

I’ve done a fair few deco tutorials on the blog and to be honest they are all the same: glue big pieces/edges, fill the rest. So this time I thought I would let the photos speak for themselves ^_^Polly Pocket DecoPolly Pocket DecoPolly Pocket DecoPolly Pocket DecoPolly Pocket DecoPolly Pocket DecoPolly Pocket DecoPolly Pocket DecoPolly Pocket DecoPolly Pocket DecoPolly Pocket DecoPolly Pocket DecoPolly Pocket DecoPolly Pocket DecoPolly Pocket DecoPolly Pocket DecoPolly Pocket DecoPolly Pocket DecoPolly Pocket DecoTaadaaa, now I just need to put it on a necklace ^_^



Cute Decoden Glasses Fun

I have a bit of a soft spot for glasses, in fact I’ve worn them since I was around 9 years old and while my sight is a lot better now so I don’t need them for reading or distance (unless its for a long period of time) I still love the way they look! I’ve been wanting to deco a pair properly for the longest of times, mostly as just for a fun photography prop and when I realised the potential of the gold sunglasses I got from Fashion Addict I decided to take the leap.

Nikki Adorable

So these are the glasses I started with:Decoden Glasses

I wasn’t a fan of how they looked on me so they had been sitting in my cupboard since I did the original post. No point having them there if I’m never going to wear them so I got to work and this is what came out:

Decoden Glasses

Perfect for the diy at home purikura booth I’m planning to rig up for a tea party 😀

What I used:

  • Sunglasses
  • Deco supplies: diamantes, bows, stars etc
  • Epoxy glue
  • Pliers
First thing to do was poke out the lenses, they were really hard to break so I ended up moving the metal frames with the pliers and then forcing them free.

Decoden Glasses

Lens free!

Decoden Glasses

Then it was a metter of changing the shape to something a bit more suitable for my face. I achieved this by using some pliers and bending the metal into a more flat square shape. I also bent the curve around the face so it was much flatter.

Decoden Glasses

One on the right done, left untouched:

Decoden Glasses

Happy with the shape now, super old man style ^_^

Decoden Glasses


Then I decided what I wanted the feature piece to be. I used a bow that came off a pair of Bodyline shoes.

Decoden Glasses

I picked a couple of different jewels and cabachons to experiment on a style with.

Decoden Glasses

I laid out the rest of the jewels to decide on the design next!

Decoden Glasses

And after that it was just a matter of mixing up the glue and sticking it all down.

Decoden Glasses

The top section was done first…

Decoden Glasses

The around the bottoms:

Decoden Glasses

I did the bottom in smaller sections because the rims were thin so I needed to wait for the glue to be tacky and balance the jewels in place. Lastly I added a little butterfly over the bow to cover the ugly string.

Decoden Glasses

Last thing I did was add matching jewels to the side while making sure not to prevent the arms from opening/clothing.

Decoden Glasses


From the back…

Decoden Glasses

And the front…

Decoden Glasses

Pretty damn happy with the result! They are super huge, super over the top and super awesome as a blingy accessory 😀

Decoden Glasses

Ridiculous bling for the win ^_^ And to show how ridiculously huge these really are, here’s a crappy phone photo from 2am after I made them!

Nikki Adorable1

What do you guys think? Love or hate glasses?



Decoden iPad Stylus Project

Deco project time 😀 For my birthday my Dad bought me a stylus for my iPad so I could use it for illustration work. You’ve already seen some of the drawings I’ve done with it but here’s the project I did with the stylus itself.

Deco iPad Stylus Tutorial

The stylus looks like a really fat, blunt, aluminium pencil which is pretty cute but I wanted to personalise it a bit more. I settled on adding charms to the top, a dangle and some diamantes fading from that.

Deco iPad Stylus Tutorial

What you need:

  • Stylus
  • Epoxy glue
  • Charms for the top
  • Stick to mix everything
  • Diamantes
  • Pliers

First thing I did was remove all the hardware and cellphone attachments for the charm I’m using at the top.

Deco iPad Stylus Tutorial

I then used epoxy to glue it in place to the very top of the stylus. It’s a little pink lucky poop I got somewhere in Japan. It had an irritating bell inside which I glued in place too.

Deco iPad Stylus Tutorial

Once that was completely dry I made 3 rows of diamantes underneath it.

Deco iPad Stylus Tutorial

Then to create a fading pattern I continued down in rows leaving a gap every now and then. The further I went the more gaps I left. This is a nice alternative to a straight finish.

Deco iPad Stylus Tutorial

Last I added some dangly charm to the hook at the top and it was finished! Very simple project but it makes a big difference to the end product. And with poop guarding it, no one will ever steal my damn pens again!!! Hahaha!

Deco iPad Stylus Tutorial

Now if only I could work out a way to make it self heating >_< Because it’s aluminium to work with the screen it’s freezing to use in Winter *_* At the moment I have been heating it up on the back of my laptop before using hahaha!

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