New Decoden iPhone 4 Case

My iphone case was getting a bit beaten up and dirty so it was time to change it up for something new and fun!

The end result!


New Camera Decoden Panasonic Lumix GF3

So if you follow me on Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr/whatever you probably saw I got my Christmas present early this year. What was it? A new camera! 😀 A Micro 4/3rd Panasonic GF3 which I’ve been pining over since it was first announced around 8 months ago. I’ll be doing a full review on it later (in which I test whether it can do all of the things they show in the cute Japanese/Taiwanese ads by re-enacting them!) and I’ve got two snapshots posts scheduled for the weekend of the first night I took it for a spin but in the mean time this is how I deco’d it  with a mixture of Swarovski and pearls ^_^


Rainbow Decoden Thread Cutter

Another deco project where the pictures speak for themselves! I knit and crochet a fair bit and even though we must have at least 10+ pairs of scissors in our house I can never find them at the right moment so I usually resort to trying to break the yarn to avoid having to get up XD Bad Violet! Last week my Mum saw me doing this and came home with a thread cutter hahaha!


Of course I had the same problem with not being able to find it when I needed it. So I decided to deco it in the most obnoxiously bright way I could think of: rainbow and cake. The end result doesn’t remotely go together well but I couldn’t care less as long as I can find the damn thing! the cake was added as it’s a piece I’ll probably never use and here it provides function as a grippy thing.

See deco can be functional sometimes too!

So onwards to the pictures…


Polly Pocket Necklace Decoden

This post is devoted entirely to Sirena Sparklestar, without whom I wouldn’t have rediscovered my love of my old toys or combined it with my love of sparkles. Do check out her blog, it’s full of very pretty crafts and beauty things!

Polly Pocket Deco

The story behind this tutorial is that I was desperately searching through my box of old toys for something and I came across my old Polly Pockets, I used to have a massive collection of them as a kid but over the years they all gradually disappeared other than the first one I ever got: a little star locket and a rose locket. I still love it after all of these years and as a fitting way to make it a little more my current style I decided to deco it.

Polly Pocket Deco



Cute Decoden Glasses Fun

I have a bit of a soft spot for glasses, in fact I’ve worn them since I was around 9 years old and while my sight is a lot better now so I don’t need them for reading or distance (unless its for a long period of time) I still love the way they look! I’ve been wanting to deco a pair properly for the longest of times, mostly as just for a fun photography prop and when I realised the potential of the gold sunglasses I got from Fashion Addict I decided to take the leap.

Nikki Adorable

Decoden iPad Stylus Project

Deco project time 😀 For my birthday my Dad bought me a stylus for my iPad so I could use it for illustration work. You’ve already seen some of the drawings I’ve done with it but here’s the project I did with the stylus itself.

Deco iPad Stylus Tutorial

The stylus looks like a really fat, blunt, aluminium pencil which is pretty cute but I wanted to personalise it a bit more. I settled on adding charms to the top, a dangle and some diamantes fading from that.

Deco iPad Stylus Tutorial

Deco iPad Stylus Tutorial

I then used epoxy to glue it in place to the very top of the stylus. It’s a little pink lucky poop I got somewhere in Japan. It had an irritating bell inside which I glued in place too.

Deco iPad Stylus Tutorial

Once that was completely dry I made 3 rows of diamantes underneath it.

Deco iPad Stylus Tutorial

Then to create a fading pattern I continued down in rows leaving a gap every now and then. The further I went the more gaps I left. This is a nice alternative to a straight finish.

Deco iPad Stylus Tutorial

Last I added some dangly charm to the hook at the top and it was finished! Very simple project but it makes a big difference to the end product. And with poop guarding it, no one will ever steal my damn pens again!!! Hahaha!

Deco iPad Stylus Tutorial

Now if only I could work out a way to make it self heating >_< Because it’s aluminium to work with the screen it’s freezing to use in Winter *_* At the moment I have been heating it up on the back of my laptop before using hahaha!

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