ACEO Friday!

Another ACEO Friday post.

This was a gift to James. I had been doing a lot of pinstripe designs which were right up his alley so I did up this cute little spider for him. I hope he liked it! I really do like pin striping, it’s a really cool form of art.
Have you guys seen many pin stripers? I’ve peen people do it on video but never live, now that would be cool! I really wish there was live pin striping at Greazefest!

This one isn’t for sale but click it to see my other ACEO work in the etsy shop.

ACEO Friday!

The first ACEO Friday.

Welcome to my new thing… Art Card Friday! Basically what this means is that every week I’m going to post an ACEO I’ve made. Why? Because I can and you all need more art in your lives. It’s also a good exercise for me as it means I have to get off my butt and do some more ACEOs. Now I make no guarantee that they will be good or that I will even be coherent in writing descriptions but it will hopefully be fun!

So seeing as this is a little out of the blue I thought for this first one I’d clue you all in on what an ACEO is…

“What does ACEO stand for?
ACEO stands for Art Cards, Editions and Originals

Description of an ACEO:
Its a form of art on a 2.5″ x 3.5″ medium. The medium can be anything ranging from a piece of paper, card stock, felt, card board, wood, etc. The important part is the size. The size is what makes an ACEO. It’s the standard for all ACEO cards.

What types of Art can be used?
All types. Paintings, Ink/Pencil drawings, Collage, Digital Art, Photography, etc. etc. As long as it fits the size!

What are ACEO’s for?
ACEO cards are mainly meant for selling and collecting. In some cases and ACEO card can also be an ATC card (Art Trading Card), where you trade a card for a card.”

The above was quoted from

I personally sell my ACEO’s through my etsy store here: and if you click the image at the top of the post you can go directly to it’s listing.

See you next week!

The Ultimate Decadence- Oil Painting

I haven’t been painting as much as I’d like but this is an older one of mine. Yay for oil painting.

Oil on Canvas.

I just love Rococo fashions, they really were the height of crazy decadence. I love the idea of swanning around my mansion in a fluffy dress with 20 people just to dress me and another 20 to make my hot chocolate. What girl wouldn’t? Though I think it would make me very uncomfortable if all those people were just waiting around for me XD

I can understand why there is such an influence in Hime Gyaru and Lolita fashion though! I should do some more oil painting.

Something Fishy With Copic Markers

I’ve been playing a lot more with Copic Markers the last few weeks. It’s been fun experimenting with s different medium and learning it’s eccentricities.

It sure has been a loooong day today. I wasn’t feeling well all morning so after having a bit of a mope on the couch Dad called and we drove to his place to pick up our new printer. Hurray for being able to print again! I’m looking forward to testing it out tomorrow with our new business cards.

Going through the whole setting up a new business process again is fun. We are currently getting the website written and all our logos etc set up, this is definitely the fun part before all the work starts! Tomorrow we’re going to get our new internet plan and I’ll be able to do a whole lot more from the couch than I used to!

Oh the picture above was done quite a while ago using Copic Markers. I sure do love Copic Markers.

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