How To Cover Speakers – Home Sweet Home

As I work through my Home Sweet Home projects one thing has always been a bit of a mystery: how to brighten up the tv area? The tv is black, the speakers are black, the stand is black, it’s all black. It’s like a black hole in the living room. I didn’t want to touch the tv or the stand so I decided to give the speakers a mini make over.

Tadaaa, slightly less black:


You need:

  • Speakers with a removable cover (these are James’s Logitech G51 speakers)
  • Pretty paper or fabric
  • Scissors, screw driver etc
  • Double sided tape


First clean the speakers and remove any dust. Take off the plastic covers, our speakers just unscrewed at the sides.


Use the cover as a guide to cut a strip of paper long enough to go all the way around.


My speakers curved at the back so to get the paper to fit snugly I made several small cuts in the middle.


Like this:


Use double sided tape to stick it to the speakers. The cuts will allow it to fit to the curve easily.


Now pop the plastic back on and screw in place.




Repeat to all of your other speakers. James has a surround system which was originally from his music room so I had to do 5 of them.


I added some stuffed toys too and it brightened up the area nicely. I’ll show you the whole thing when I do the big house reveal. We’re getting SO close to being finished!!


I can’t decide if I want to keep the speaker covers on or replace them with some white tulle to make it even lighter. More thought needed!


I’m so excited to be finished the apartment, having made all of these changes has made such a difference in my life!

How To Make A Cute White Board – Home Sweet Home

Fridge looks a little boring and plain?

Time to make your own pretty whiteboard!


Hours of fun drawing or more realistically writing shopping lists!


You need:

  • Whiteboard paper (got mine from Daiso)
  • Markers
  • Old magnets
  • Hot glue gun
  • Lace
  • Diamantes


So first step is deciding what size you want. The whiteboard paper was really easy to cut so in theory you could make all kinds of shapes.


I decided to edge it with lace but I thought pink would look better with the fridge so I coloured the nylon lace with a Copic marker.




Glue the lace to the sticky side of the paper all the way around the edge.


I taped it in the corners for a little extra strength.


I was kind of decorating as I went along so the next thing I did was clean off my fridge and remove all of the stickers. I find it easier to do projects like this when they’re actually on the item. Sometimes you just need to see things from further away to pick up any mistakes!


This is what I had at this point but it looked a little plain.


Diamantes to the rescue! I put a row of large diamantes around the edge of the paper.




Now it’s time to do the matching pens 😀


These are really simple too, just make sure you use actual whiteboard markers not regular ones or else you’ll never be able to wipe them off XD

All you need to do is cut some old magnets to be the size and shape of the lid then glue them of. You may need to glue one to the actual pen too depending on how strong the magnets are.




I added my Bergamot magnet for another little detail too 😀 You can learn how to make your own Bergamot magnet here.




Now you just need to draw something on there!


When I made this one I was thinking I would use it for shopping lists and things like that but all I really ended up doing with it was drawing cute things XD


The fridge definitely looks cuter now! I’m still considering adding a heap of flowers to the bottom of it too but I can’t decide on which medium to use!


How To Make Your Own Reusable Make Up Pads

In an effort to cut some costs around the house and put more money into our house savings account I’ve been looking at all the little things to see where I can save some money.


Today’s project is making some recyclable make up pads! They don’t cost that much but it’s good to save every little bit and also it’s good to recycle!



I had a couple of ideas of what to make these out of but settled on polar fleece. I think I’m going to try to crochet some because the texture will be good to scrub with!

You need:

  • Polar fleece or your fabric of choice
  • Scissors
  • Cup
  • Pen
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread


Start by tracing around the cup onto the polar fleece. You will need two circles per pad.


If you want the finished pads to be really squishy and absorbant go with 3 circles each.


Next take your circles and stack them. Use a zigzag stitch on your sewing machine and go all the way around the edge. If you are hand stitching then do a blanket stitch.


Repeat for however many you need and that’s it! It’s such an easy project and they can be a lot softer on the skin than some of the cheaper disposable ones.


So do they actually work as well?


Answer appears to be yes!


And when they’re dirty you just throw them in the washing machine. I think I’ll make 14 or so then I can alternate sets every week. And try out the crochet ones too and see if I prefer those!


Do you guys have any money saving tips I can try around the house? Savings for the win!

Painted Craft Shelves – Home Sweet Home

Finally the Home Sweet Home Project makes it to my craft area!

The frist thing I did here was paint my table and shelves because they were making the whole area look dark. The junk everywhere probably didn’t help but that’s the next post XD I can’t only take things one step at a time haha!

Before and after:


It’s still messy but it’s totally a step up 😀 😀 😀

There really wasn’t much to this. Kim gave me some pink paint that she was finished with and I went to town.


The small table first with a test swatch.


Then the shelves.


After giving the table a couple of coats I gave it a wash of PVA glue for strength and covered the top in clear contact.


I then made a cut table cloth to hide all the crap underneath using some old table runners my Mum didn’t want. Goodbye visible mess 😀


Next the shelves. I painted them first then a coat of PVA.


I covered each shelf with some pretty paper. I didn’t have enough to do all of then the same which was a bit annoying but I alternated instead. I’ll probably change them once I get some more paper. More future projects!


And back in place! There’s a pretty handsome man holding a flash in there too 😀


Ignore all the crap on the floor waiting to be put back XD


Aaaaand done!


Now I just need to actually clean it out properly and get rid of the junk. I always hoard craft supplies… just in case I need them! I totally might need that 3 inches of cute fabric… and that piece of string… and those pieces of cardboard… I might!! -_-‘ I think I have a hoarding problem.

Glitter Bling Keys – Home Sweet Home

I’ve been focusing more on little details recently for Home Sweet Home projects.

Today I did the smallest one so far: glitter dipped keys.


I wasn’t sure how well the PVA glue would stay on the metal so I did this old useless key first before I tried it on any of my actual ones. Turns out it stays really well!Cute-Glitter-Keys-0241

It couldn’t be simpler to do either, just coat the end of the key in the PVA glue.


Drop it in glitter.


Wait for it to dry and either recoat with more glue to seal it in or give it a very solid brush to get rid of any loose pieces. Washable fabric glue is another great alternative which doesn’t require a top coat.


These kinds of projects have been around for ages and I’ve seen different versions ranging from painting the ends of the keys with nail polish to baking sculpey covers on the ends. No matter which method you choose it really brightens up your handbag!


I found it made the keys easier to differentiate by feeling the texture so I didn’t have to dig around my bag to find the right one either!

Make Your Own False Eyelash Storage – Craft Tutorial

Storing eyelashes can be quite annoying and it can take a up a lot of space. This is my solution for false eyelash storage. It’s quite simple to make and it doesn’t take up much room so it’s great if you have a lot of lashes.

Photo tutorial her:
Photos of this on on my blog here: .



A blog and Youtube channel about a girl and her quest to make everything sparkle. New craft, hair and beauty tutorials every week!

Violet LeBeaux spends most of her time trying to think of ways to make life prettier, posting said ways on her blog and drinking very strong tea. She writes about big hair cute things, girly fashion, beauty finds, sometimes Hime Gyaru fashion (姫ギャル) and crafty tutorials.

She lives with her adorable boyfriend Jimmy, fluffy puppy Miss Lottie and Bergamot Bunny in Melbourne, Australia.

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Music: Garageband unless otherwise credited


Make Your Own False Eyelash Storage Instructions
This is a simple tutorial on making a display area for false eyelashes so you can store them easily.
It’s simple and very space effective.
You will need cardboard, pretty paper, lace, tape, scissors, a glue gun and a clear plastic sheet.
I reused the materials from one of these that I made two years ago.
Cut a piece of cardboard as big as you want the finished result to be and a piece of nice paper which is a few centimeters bigger than the cardboard.
Lay the paper good side down and the cardboard on top.
Fold the edges of the paper over and tape in place.
Flipped over you’ve got this.
Place it inside the clear plastic sleeve.
You can use any kind of plastic but I just used an old plastic office display sheet.
Pull the sleeve tight and tape it in place so the front is completely smooth.
You should have something like this.
Next, cut a length of tape and place it sticky side up across the right side of the board.
Repeat with 2 more pieces of tape.
Make sure that they are all sticky side up.
This is what will hold the lashes on the board so make sure you have enough tape for the number of lashes you have.
Now place a piece of tape along the edge of the board sticky side down so it is on top of the first three.
Repeat with another piece of tape on the other side.
Lift the whole thing up.
Fold the edges of the tape over to the back and stick them down.
Snip off any overhanging tape.
What you should have not is a board with 3 sticky tape strips to hold lashes.
Time to decorate.
I’m going to use some cute lace.
using hot glue, fold the edge of the lace over and stick it in place.
Glue it down to one side of the board.
Fold the corner into a point and continue gluing the next side.
Keep gluing all the way around.
There are lots of other things you could use for decoration such as ribbon, stickers or flowers.
When you reach the end, cut off, cold the edge over and glue in place.
Now transfer your eyelashes on and you’re all done.
See the lashes are held with the tape but are able to be removed and restuck easily.
Just make sure not to use duct tape or something super strong.
Hope this was a useful video, please check out the blog post linked in the description for more information and a photo tutorial.
Thanks so much for watching!

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