Super Quick Shoe Tutorial – Cutifying

This is a super easy tutorial on how I modified some old sneakers for ultimate shoe cutifying. I find that I need shoes that I can just slip on to run to the petrol station for an ice cream or the corner store for supplies, for times when you just want to get going as fast as possible having complicated shoes really isn’t practical, no time for laces… but I still want to look cute!

DSC_0185_091206_4436 copy

Enter old beaten up leopard print sneakers.

Materials for shoe cutifying:

-Old crappy sneakers -Ribbon -Elastic -Sewing thread

First off clean your sneakers if they are dirty, no one wants to handle muddy shoes.

DSC_0163_091206_4458 copy

Then remove the laces.

DSC_0164_091206_4457 copy

Now you need some elastic which is roughly the same width as your laces were. Colours are optional, I decided to go with plain because I’m probably going to be trekking through mud in these and I didn’t want to waste anything too nice!

DSC_0165_091206_4456 copy

Pull the elastic through a bottom hole and tie a knot at the bottom which is big enough to prevent it from slipping through.

DSC_0166_091206_4455 copy

Bring the elastic over the top and down through the other bottom hole.

DSC_0167_091206_4454 copy

Continue to the next hole, it should look like this once you get to the top…

DSC_0168_091206_4453 copy

When you get to the last hole cut off the excess elastic and then tie another knot. Before you cut the elastic off you should try the shoe on to make sure it’s not going to be too loose or too tight. You should be able to slide your foot in with no problems.


Repeat with the other shoe!

DSC_0170_091206_4451 copy

Now get some thick ribbon and thread your needle. Fold it in half with the join at the back and pleat the middle into a bow…

DSC_0171_091206_4450 copy

Sew it in place:

DSC_0172_091206_4449 copy

Now use some thin ribbon to cover the stitching and sew that in place.

DSC_0173_091206_4448 copy

Attach them to the elastic with a few tight stitches and you’re done! When you’re attaching the bows it’s a good idea to do it while you’re wearing the shoes so you know they will end up in the right position when the elastic is stretched out. Be very careful not to hurt yourself with the needle though!

DSC_0174_091206_4447 copy

And there you go!

DSC_0179_091206_4442 copy

Quick comfy shoes that are good in a hurry.

DSC_0180_091206_4441 copy

Very little effort involved, I think this took me around 20 minutes while I was watching a movie. It’s amazing what adding a bow can do ๐Ÿ˜‰

DSC_0185_091206_4436 copy

Only 2 days left until we go to Melbourne so I’m in crazy packing/planning mode ๐Ÿ˜€ Hope you enjoyed the super quick shoe cutifying tutorial, I’m off to take some photos of the deco I did over the weekend for you guys!

How To Make Bunny Slippers Out of Old Socks

Today I’m going to show you how I went about making bunny slippers out of house hold items, trust me it’s not as hard as you think!

This post is for Eszwho is awesome and won the name my camera competition. She asked for a post about how I turn something ordinary into something awesomely cute. I thought what better than turning something old and useless into something cute?

DSC_0519_100118_6136 copy

So today’s tutorial is going to be about how to turn some old socks and a pillow into…ย  cute bunny slippers!

UPDATE! Check out the free downloadable restyled version of this craft tutorial here in my gallery!


What you need for this version of making bunny slippers:

-3 old knee high socks -1 pair of old ankle socks -Cardboard -Old pillow -Pen -Scissors -Needle and thread DSC_0405_100118_6249 copy

First put your foot on the cardboard and trace around it with your pen.

DSC_0411_100118_6243 copy

Do one for each foot:

DSC_0417_100118_6237 copy

Now draw around the shape you made, leave around a 1cm gap and make the shape more rounded and even. This will be the base of your slipper so you want room to wiggle and move around a bit ^_^

DSC_0418_100118_6236 copy

Cut out the larger shape.

DSC_0423_100118_6231 copy

This is what you end up with!

DSC_0426_100118_6228 copy

Now grab your old ankle socks, this works best if they are the thick and kind of squishy like those sports socks.

DSC_0427_100118_6227 copy

Put the cardboard bits you cut out into the socks.

DSC_0428_100118_6226 copy

You should fit the heel of the cardboard into the heel of the sock, it should end up like this:

DSC_0431_100118_6223 copy

Next you should cut up your pillow to get some stuffing out! If it’s a really old pillow it will look kind of gross like this…

DSC_0435_100118_6219 copy

So what you need to do is shove the stuffing into the bottom side of the cardboard. That means the side that doesn’t have the sock hole on it will end up thick and squishy.

DSC_0436_100118_6218 copy

This is what it should look like from the side…

DSC_0439_100118_6215 copy

The hole part of the sock is in the bottom of the picture above. Now take your needle and thread and sew up the hole ^_^

DSC_0452_100118_6202 copy

Just like this:

DSC_0458_100118_6197 copy

Now you have the bases of your slippers!

DSC_0459_100118_6196 copy

Ok next part! Get one of your other socks and put your foot on the base you just made. Lay the leg part of the sock over your foot like the photo below and cut it out so you have enough of it to sew to the base.

DSC_0460_100118_6195 copy

Keep the fabric as a tube because later we’re going to stuff it. This is roughly the shape it should be:

DSC_0462_100118_6193 copy

Put a little stitch at the toe of base and the top part we’re about to sew on. This is just to keep it in place and make sure it doesn’t move around, if you would prefer just add some pins.

DSC_0466_100118_6189 copy

Put the top part on the side of the base that doesn’t have any stuffing on it. We are going to sew it on the wrong side so we can turn it inside out and hide the stitching later. So pick a side and start sewing around.

DSC_0469_100118_6186 copy

Keep sewing all the way around to the other side until you have around a 4cm gap left. Now grab some stuffing and shove it into the upper part.

DSC_0474_100118_6181 copy

Now sew up the last little part and you end up with something like this:

DSC_0481_100118_6174 copy

Turn it inside out and the padded bottom should be where your foot will go and the padded front should be enough to cover your toes.

DSC_0483_100118_6172 copy

Like this:

DSC_0484_100118_6171 copy

Now make the other one!

DSC_0488_100118_6167 copy

And now it’s time to make some ears for our bunny ^_^ Get another of the knee high socks and cut the top and bottom off so you’re just left with a tube.

DSC_0490_100118_6165 copy

Cut down the folds and then in half so you end up with 4 parts.

DSC_0494_100118_6161 copy

Take each of these and fold them in half and cut the top into a bunny ear shape.

DSC_0496_100118_6159 copy

Sew around the edges…

DSC_0498_100118_6157 copy

Then turn them inside out and stuff them too.

DSC_0501_100118_6154 copy

This is what you should end up with:

DSC_0507_100118_6148 copy

Decide how you want to place them on your slippers, I want them to be nice and pointy so I am going to put them close together.

DSC_0508_100118_6147 copy

Turn your slipper inside out and sew on the ears.

DSC_0512_100118_6143 copy

When you turn it back out the right way it should look like this:

DSC_0516_100118_6139 copy

Clean up any loose threads you have.

DSC_0517_100118_6138 copy

And decorate them! I embroidered little faces on to the bunnies and then using some stuffing I made a little cotton tail to sew on the back ^_^

DSC_0519_100118_6136 copy

And there you go! This is how they look when they’re on ^_^

DSC_0529_100118_6126 copy

So you just made slippers out of old junk around the house, congrats! Pretty cool huh?

DSC_0532_100118_6123 copy

And you know the best part? They are awesomely comfortable because of the padding and they stay on well because of the elasticity of the socks!

What do you think?

Thanks again Esz, I hope you like it ๐Ÿ˜€ Let me know if any of you give making bunny slippers a try!

How To Repair Old Slippers -Day 3

I’m super tired tonight so I’ve just got a mini tutorial on repairing old slippers for you all ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve been a little obsessed with slippers lately so I’ve got 2 tutorials planed that revolve around slippers. It’s probably because I spend so much time at home but I think a good pair of slippers are a very important part of a girl’s wardrobe ^_^

It takes me a long time to choose slippers (more on that in my next slippers post!) and when I finally find a pair that I like I have a hard time giving them up, I’m the kind of person that will wear them until they literally fall apart! I’m also quite thrifty so at times when money is tight I am all for repairing and reusing anything I can possibly fix.

So I have this cute pair of slippers but…

DSC_0199_091206_4422 copy

The soles are all gross and worn out. There is even a small hole!

So what you need for this version of repairing old slippers:

-Scissors -A sheet of felt in a matching colour -Needle and thread in a matching colour -A pen or tailor’s chalk

DSC_0200_091206_4421 copy

Start by putting your slippers on the felt and tracing around the outside. Get as close to the size of the actual sole as possible, if in doubt it’s better to cut bigger than smaller because you can always trim it but you can’t add more felt if you cut too much! Cut one out for each slipper.

DSC_0201_091206_4420 copy

Thread your needle and with the new sole on top of the slipper sew it in place with 1 stitch. You should start at the very back of the slipper. Tie it in a double knot so it doesn’t go anywhere.

DSC_0202_091206_4419 copy

Now using a blanket stitch start sewing around the edge. If you need to know how to do a blanket stitch have a look here.

DSC_0203_091206_4418 copy

Continue around the entire edge. If you find there is slightly too much felt you should trim it a little bit. If there is not enough, stretch it because once you put them on the felt will get worn into position. When you’re finished they should look something like this:

DSC_0205_091206_4416 copy

Hopefully your stitching is a little neater than mine!

DSC_0206_091206_4415 copy

And there you go, with 60c worth of felt you saved yourself from buying a whole new pair of slippers! One thing to note- the felt is super slippery on tiles until you wear it in so don’t slip over!! That said it’s pretty fun to be able to faux ice-skate around my tiled house in the middle of a 35Degree Celsius summer ๐Ÿ˜€


DSC_0215_091206_4406 copy

Bonus outfit post:

Jsk- Angelic Pretty Stockings- Myer Slippers- Bras n things Hair things: some junk store

DSC_0207_091206_4414 copy

See you all tomorrow when I’m not half asleep! Let me know if you ever give repairing old slippers this way a try!

Back! Outfit of the day, the world of Violet's Shoes (Mini Tutorial)

Outfit time!

Firstly thank you all for your well wishes while I’ve been ill! It made me feel much better every morning to wake up to everyone’s lovely comments ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m all rested up now and should be fine to blog 3 times a week again!

Unfortunately I’ve run out of jewels to finish my decoden tutorial at the moment but I’ll be right on it when the next batch arrive! My next post will be some of the things I’ve been deco-ing lately so you can all get your rhinestone fix ๐Ÿ˜› Actually I did something a little bit funny with my deco while I was sick… I’m going to keep you guessing until next post though!

Now on to my outfit… OMG I love these shoes. They are incredibly painful but they look so pretty! Here is a close up…

Sexy right? The cut out bit is velvet so they even feel nice.

This brings me to today’s topic… shoes. It may be hard to believe but up until about 6 years ago I was the biggest tomboy you imagine. I refused to wear skirts and you would be hard pressed to find me in anything other than my scuffed old pair of converse chucks. In fact that’s where my old screen name chucks_bitch came from.

These are my newest acquisition. Cute but still comfy so I can shop all day, oh and work etc. They were a birthday present from my Mum, thanks Mum!

So long story short I missed out on those years where young girls are supposed to learn to walk in heels and I’m just doing it now. I got the first pair that I regularly wear last Christmas and haven’t been able to stop since. So much pain though! I’m very stubborn so I picked the highest most ridiculous pair and assumed I would be fine… I have now learned my lesson and am easing in much more sloooowly.


Mini Tutorial time!


Now a couple of people have asked me how I did this. It really couldn’t be simpler.

Step 1. Buy cute simple shoes on sale. Step 2. Buy matching flowers. Step 3. Get some thread and a needle and sew the flowers on to the shoes. Note, don’t sew through the leather just in case you ever change your mind! Step 4. Enjoy your new awesomely cute Hime-Style shoes ๐Ÿ˜€

See easy…

Lastly are any of you guys who use Nuffnang having problems when you log in? I can log in but I my stats won’t seem to show up… Just wanted to know if I’m the only one before I go and bug tech support!

Anyway it’s good to be back! Hope you enjoyed the outfit post ^_^

Hime Gyaru Simple Lace Flower Tutorial

Awesome over the top shoes with lace flowers are a staple of Hime Gyaru fashion. Now I’m not saying that you should ditch those Jesus Diamante pumps in favor of my cheap lacy flowers but here is a slightly less expensive option.

For Christmas this year I was given some cute wedge shoes that I wanted to doll up a bit, with no money left over after the holiday season here is what I came up with.

Simple Lace Flowers Tutorial

Materials needed for lace flowers:

Violet’s special tip #1:
I would suggest that you buy nicer lace than I’ve used here, this is just what I had on hand at the time.

Ok so now that you’ve gathered all your materials together it’s time to get started!

Step 1. Thread your needle

Step 2: Starting at the scalloped edge on one end of the lace use a running stitch to stitch down the edge. Gather it so the end of the lace is dragged to a point as above in the photo.

Step 3:
Now continuing your running stitch, turn the corner and stitch all the way along the straight edge side of the lace and up the other side again. When you’re finished the line of stitching you’ve made should look like a big long “U” shape and the only side that is left unstitched should be the scalloped edge.

Step 4:
Pull the thread carefully so that you end up with nice ruffle as seen above.

Step 5:
Tie your thread off but don’t cut it yet.

Step 6: Now hold the end of the gathered edge and start rolling. In the photo above, the white line represents how the edge should be curled around itself in a spiral.

Step 7: Now start stitching around the spiral to hold it all together. It should look something like the above picture with the white line representing the spiral and the green lines representing the stitches. When you’re sure that it’s secure tie off your thread.

Step 8: Keep a good hold of the rose and glue your badge back in place. Be careful not to burn yourself with the hot glue!

Step 9: Once the glue is secure open up the pins on the badges.

Step 10: Cut out 2 small circles of felt, the diameter should be slightly smaller than the width of your badge backs. Now glue them over the open badge back so they cover all the glue and leave a nice finished look.

Step 11: Turn it upside down and spread the “petals” out. here is a finished flower! Now if you want you could make a second and attach them to your shoes.

Here are the shoes I got for christmas, what do you think? Tadaa!

Violet’s special tip #2:
Obviously you could use the lace flowers on things rather than shoes such as a corsage or a hair piece.
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