How To Make Hime Gyaru Shoes Bodyline… Take 2!

Following on from yesterday’s tutorial, remember these Bodyline shoes?

Bodyline Shoe Tutorial 2

These were the originals:

Bodyline Review 2

So what you need for this Bodyline modification:

  • Shoes (obviously)
  • Fabric to make bows with
  • Ribbon in pink and white
  • Lace
  • Needle and thread
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Flowers

Really you only need all of those things if you’re going to try and make these *exact* shoes. I think that the idea of these tutorials is to show you all that modifying shoes like these is really easy so you can use your imagination on shoes you already have!

Bodyline Shoe Tutorial 2

First thing I did was remove the bow on the front.

Bodyline Shoe Tutorial 2

I played around for a while with different materials I had before finally deciding on a design.

Bodyline Shoe Tutorial 2

I cut a couple of rectangles of fabric to make large bows:

Bodyline Shoe Tutorial 2

After folding them:

Bodyline Shoe Tutorial 2

Using a small amount of glue I attached the bow to the strap of the shoe and sewed it in place. I also added a piece of white ribbon to this area and attached it to a pink ribbon strap to go around the ankle.

Bodyline Shoe Tutorial 2

I then covered the white ribbon with two rows of lace 😀

Bodyline Shoe Tutorial 2

After taking apart the bows that came with the shoes I noticed that when you removed the bit that was tied around it they were kind of cute. So I added flowers 😀 You can never have enough flowers!

Bodyline Shoe Tutorial 2

After attaching it to cover the join in the ribbons they were all finished 😀

Bodyline Shoe Tutorial 2


Bodyline Shoe Tutorial 2

And there you have it! $12 shoes turning into something a bit cuter! You’re only ever going to have as good quality as your base is so these shoes are probably not going to last you forever but still not bad right?

I hope some of you feel inspired enough to go do something with your shoes!

Ugh this is reminding me that I need to clean out my shoe collection… it’s getting a little crazy! But there’s pretty much always room for more Bodyline Shoes.

How To Make Hime Gyaru Shoes – Bodyline

Bodyline Shoes Modification time!

Bodyline Shoe Tutorial 1

I made them from these:

Bodyline Review 2

What you need:

  • Base shoes
  • Faux fur
  • Needle and thread
  • Hot glue gun
  • Ribbons, roses, or whatever decoration you like
  • String of pearls (optional)

So let’s get started!

First thing I did was unpick the bows from the front of the shoes.

Bodyline Shoe Tutorial 1

I then played around with materials I had to decide exactly what layout I wanted. I happened to have these ribbon rosettes that I pulled off a hair band. You could use anything as an accent like this though or you could easily make your own version with some roses, ribbon and a couple of diamantes.

Laying things out before you get all crazy with the glue is really important because once it’s stuck, it’s stuck!

Bodyline Shoe Tutorial 1

So next step. I carefully cut out a rectangle of faux fur which was wide enough to cover the band of the shoe. I left a good couple of inches on the top and bottom so there was enough to wrap around the whole thing.

Bodyline Shoe Tutorial 1

Now starting on one side I put down a line of glue around the very edge of the strap and pressed the fabric on to it.

Bodyline Shoe Tutorial 1

The glue is kind of just like a guide to stop the fabric from sliding around while you’re stitching it. Should look like this:

Bodyline Shoe Tutorial 1

Applying a bit of glue over the whole band I wrapped the fabric around to the other side and trimmed all of the extra.

Bodyline Shoe Tutorial 1

Now it’s needle and thread time! If you want the shoes to be hard wearing you will need to stitch around the edges of the fabric to prevent it fraying in the future. After that fold the top and bottom edges into the inside of the shoe and stitch them together. You should have enough so you are stitching the fur to the other side of the fur (like a big tube) rather than stitching it directly to the shoe. You can sew to the shoe if you want but making it a tube will make it easy to remove should you ever want to change your mind.

Bodyline Shoe Tutorial 1

Once you’ve stitched everything in place it’s time to decorate. I decided to sew on these little rosette things. I think these shoes would be even better if they had a nice string of pearls hanging from the front but I don’t have any left at the moment so that will have to be a modification for another day!

Bodyline Shoe Tutorial 1

And that’s it. It really is a simple modification ^_^

Bodyline Shoe Tutorial 1

I’m ready for my close up with Eva now daaaarlingk! 😉

Bodyline Shoe Tutorial 1

Tomorrow I will show you what I did with the pink pair, it’s much more dressy and a bit more impressive ^_^

Glad to be back in business and I hope you all enjoyed the post! If you decide to modify some Bodyline shoes let me know!

DIY Customised Plain Sneakers!

Morning everyone! After talking about it for quite a while Valerie and I have decided to make Sneaker Sunday a fortnightly thing (every second week for the Americans reading 😉 ) We decided to post about it less so we have more time to come up with awesome tutorials and fun things for you guys!

Let’s make this…

Diy White Sneaker Tutorial

From this:

Diy White Sneaker Tutorial

Taking Care of Decoden Shoes – Sneaker Sunday

Morning, it’s Sneaker Sunday again!

So you took the plunge and deco’d your sneakers? Good for you! And you’ve been wearing them for several months and didn’t think anything of taking care of them? Now they are looking quite dirty and a bit yucky huh?

So how do you maintain them?

Well it’s quite easy really 🙂

Sneaker Sunday- Taking care of deco

I decided to fill that section with tiny plastic little stars.


So you should glue them down and then paint the glue over the top of them to seal it all in. Do a couple of coats but wait until each one is dry before starting the next.


Put the laces back in.


And you’re finished! Sorry for the dodgy phone photos I am having a tiny bit of trouble uploading though. I will put the HD photos in the next post 🙂


Cute as and almost as good as new.


The lesson here is that with a bit of maintenance an forward planning your deco sneakers can last almost as long as you want!

Check out Valerie‘s post on sneaker Sunday maintenance too this week 😀

Boot Customization Tutorial :D

Heehee I think a lot of people have been waiting for this boot customization tutorial! I’ve been keeping everyone on my Twitter up to date with the progress on the boots that I bought on Saturday.

See boots and I are actually bitter enemies. I have *never* found a pair of boots that have fit me well. Ever. The problem seems to be that I have small feet but I also have abnormally small calves so every single pair of boots, no matter how fitted, look like cowboy boots. Not being a cowboy, I have no use for cowboy boots.

So after all these years of searching I decided to take things into my own hands!

I bought this pair of boots from Target 50% off for $45. I chose them because I liked the heel, the rounded toe and they fit my feet comfortably. Because they are thigh high there was lots of room to play with. I also liked the velvety wedge thing on the outside.

Tutorial- Modifying Boots

How To Make Red Glitter Sneakers – Sneaker Sunday Week 6

While you’re all reading about Sneaker Sunday I’ll be on day 2 of our epic car trip yay!

After last week’s post I was looking at those sneakers again. I love them but I’ve always thought that something was a bit missing from them.

Sneaker Sunday

Sneaker Sunday Week 5

I thought about it for a while and I realised… everything needs more glitter 😀


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