Vote For Our First Big Sewing Project! Sew Fun

So far we’ve learned some basic sewing skills and seeing as you guys preferred to learn skills inside actual projects it’s time to vote on our first major project!

The first 3 that I’ve picked are roughly the same skill level and have mostly the same techniques used.

See the options below and then vote using the form beneath that. Let me know if you have any suggestions in the comments too!


First Sewing Project- How To Sew A Pouch! Sew Fun!

I promised we would get started with our first project this week and here it is! We are going to learn the very basics of sewing by making a cute little pouch.



These pouches were the first thing that I ever learned how to make, they are very useful and even more so they teach a lot of really useful sewing skills in a way which isn’t too complicated or overwhelming. So let’s get started!

You need:

  • Scissors
  • Fabric
  • Pins
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine


Getting To Know/Threading Your Sewing Machine! Sew Fun

I ended up having to split this post into two because I didn’t realise how much there was to learn here or how involved it actually was >_< Once you’ve been sewing for a little while all of this becomes second nature so you won’t even think about threading a machine, it will just kind of happen. So when you see how complicated it looks don’t be discouraged, I promise it gets a little easier every time and soon you won’t even need to look at the instructions!

So threading a sewing machine can be kind of scary for beginners but it really shouldn’t be! First let’s get to know about sewing machines a little bit.

Keep in mind that during this guide I will be using a Singer, your machine may be different to mine. Most sewing machines thread roughly the same way but it’s always best to see if you can find a manual specific to your make and model. I will be giving tips which are specific to my Singer and also fairly general so please take this as a guide rather than concrete instructions and use your imagination to apply it to your own situation. Also keep in mind that I’m only going to be explaining the basics for the moment. There will be other functions that the machine has that I will ignore for the moment because they aren’t needed for what we’re going to do as beginners. I will cover them in the advanced classes later.

A note on safety first:

BE CAREFUL. It REALLY hurts if you accidentally sew your finger. Seriously. Keep your fingers away from the needle when your foot is on the pedal. It seems obvious but I have seen a lot of injuries because people weren’t paying attention. If you have animals make sure they are in another room. I had a friend once who caught her finger in a machine because her cat jumped on the petal.

If you are threading your machine, turn it off at the switch or at the very least take your foot off the pedal. I cannot stress this enough. It also can’t hurt to have someone who already knows what they are doing around a sewing machine to help you if possible. You can’t be too careful!

So let’s look at our machine!


What Are Your Tools Of The Trade? – Sew Fun!

Firstly thank you to Karina for suggesting the adorable name, I love it! I’ll draw a pretty graphic for next week.

I think it’s going to be best to take this in bite size chunks so we don’t get too far ahead and everyone has a chance to ask questions before we move on. Also keep in mind that I am telling you about the way *I* sew. Every seamstress has different techniques and favorite ways to do things, these are just mine!

Ok so you want to learn how to sew? Awesome! Before you jump in and drop a couple of grand at your local sewing supply it’s important to know what you might need, what it’s going to cost and what you can actually do with it. There’s no point spending a heap of money on a fancy shmancy computerised embroidery machine when you just want to make basic skirts or repair damaged clothes.

Sewing Machine!


Sewing 101- What do you want to learn??

Ever since I did my first sewing tutorial on this blog I’ve had comments, emails and requests asking for a beginners guide to sewing. Well after some proper thought planning out it starts today!

Mondays will now be Sewing 101 days… though Sewing 101 is such a lame name for a series so if you have any other suggestions please leave them in the comments! I’m so bad at coming up with names for things!!


Today being the first day I wanted to give the option for you guys to see what I have planned and tell me what you actually want to learn. Is there a particular thing you want to make as your first project? Do you have a burning question about bobbins? Do you want to learn how to ruffle so you can sew your own Lolita skirts? Let me know in the comments so I can tailor things as we go!

Currently the post schedule looks like this:

  • What do you want to learn?
  • Getting to know your sewing machine/tools of the trade you need.
  • Sewing a dress start to finish, showing you the process (then we go into detail of each step later)
  • How to thread your sewing machine.
  • Basic stitches and concepts you need to understand
  • Voting on a first project (I’ll put up 3 and the one with the most votes will be our first project)
  • First project start to finish.
  • Ruffles, darts and pin tucks oh my!
  • How to draft a basic dress pattern.
  • Basic shapes=basic clothes.
  • More sewing projects to try… in fact I guess this continues until we all get bored of sewing and want to try something else!

So what do you guys suggest? Do you prefer things in video format or photos? I personally think this will suit photos more as it can be harder to watch videos while you’re actually *doing* stuff. Let me know your suggestions and let’s get sewing together!

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