How To Tie A Silk Scarf Into A Rose

Quite some time ago I posted  about this silk scarf that I had made to wear as a rose on my bag. A lot of the comments asked how to tie it in the rose shape so here we go!


DIY Painted Purse Make Over – Tutorial

Today’s craft is a mini purse make over. I wanted a little bag to take in my purse while we were traveling but nothing I had really went with the other stuff I was taking so I decided to give this bag a last minute make over. Why I always decide to do these things right before we leave I just don’t know… but yay for the end result anyway?


How To Make A Chain And Pearl Necklace – Tutorial

I go through phases of obsession with particular styles and at the moment the obsession is gold. Particularly chain and especially so if paired with pearls. I don’t have much gold jewellery so I set about making myself something which was dangly and could be worn a whole lot of difference ways so I didn’t need to clutter my already way over full jewellery area.

This is what I ended up with:


Stripy Knitted Neckerchief Tutorial

Neckerchiefs! I love them! Knitted neckerchief is really hard to type without wanting to spell it knitted kneckerchief…

But back on track, for today’s project let’s make a stripy knitted neckerchief! This design and length is great because it can double as an usamimi. Winner!


How To Add A Pop Of Colour To A Necklace

I’m still feeling really low energy from being so sick at the moment so it’s a quick craft today.

I’m really into big, bright, chunky jewellery at the moment but I think most of the stuff I see in store is ridiculously priced so I figured I would just make some myself. My mum found a cheap metal necklace at a store which was closing down but it was very plain and not me.

This is what a few coats of nail polish did to it:


How To Needle Felt Rose Gloves – Tutorial

Recently I have been making a lot of presents for people! I like making presents because it means getting to craft and not having the results taking up a lot of space here 😀

The only down side is I have to wait for them to receive it before I post photos and tutorials haha!

I needle felted these gloves as a birthday gift for Christina who rocks.



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