How To Make A Tulle Beaded Hair Bow

This whole cleaning out of the craft stash is making me a little obsessed with making different/not my standard bows. I’ve seen mesh bows filled with pompoms a lot lately and wanted to try making some. I didn’t have pompoms so I substituted with some very light beads. You could use either or really anything as long as it’s not too heavy.

End result:

Beaded Bow Tutorial

How To Make A Floaty Tulle Hair Bow Accessory

The cleaning out of the craft stash continues and therefore the making of the large amount of hair things continues! On today’s menu is a floaty, drapy slightly deconstructed hair bow. In my head I’m imagining it being worn by and adorable match stick girl or in more earthy tones in a mori coordination ^_^

The result…


How To Make A Lace and Pompom Headband

I’m on a cleaning kick with my craft stuff so I’m looking at ways to use up old supplies! Extra lace? Extra ribbon? Random pompoms? Time to make a cute Wintery hair band 😀

Finished project:

Lace and Pompom Headband Tutorial

DIY Pearl Beret- Quick Craft

Last winter berets with little pearls were everywhere in shops at crazy prices and now that it’s getting colder I’ve started seeing them in stores again. They are really cute but paying $30 for a pearl studded beret is out of my budget especially when you can get a plain one for like $6 and diy it ^_^


I had this pink one that I never really used anymore, I picked it up at a Portman’s clearance outlet a couple of years ago so I spent a few minutes jazzing it up.


With the beret laid flat I spaced out 10 pearls around the outside.


Then working in I added another row, spacing them between the first ones. It’s important to use plastic pearls on a project like this so it doesn’t weight the hat down. Also rather than stitching them on using one long thread sewn throughout the hat I tied each pearl on individually. This means that if one came loose the rest would be fine and also a lot less effort in the stitching/making sure the stretch of the knit was maintained.

This is what it looked like after the top was done:


Then it was time to turn over and do the other side…


I toyed with the idea of a row of pearls around the very edge but decided to keep it more subtle instead.


And here I am wearing it at a the Melbourne Flower show on the weekend!


I love projects like this that add a lot of small details to an outfit. Tiny little touches that just give something an extra level of depth make me very happy ^_^

How To Make A Hello Kitty Velcro Hair Holder

Here is another super quick craft which can be done during an episode of something on tv 😀 These haven’t quite made it to Aus yet but when traveling I’ve seen how popular they are in Asia. Basically it’s a shape (usually a bow or something equally cute) with velcro on the back to hold your fringe out of the way while you do your make up/remove it. I think the idea is that it doesn’t kink/shape the hair like holding with a pin would.

I chose to make mine in the shape of Hello Kitty’s bow because… well I couldn’t think of any other shapes and I’m running out of other felt colours haha!

Velcro Bow Tutorial

Photos are iphone quality unfortunately because this was a midnight craft idea!


How To Make Tissue Flowers

This is another one of those crafts that I think we all did as children at some point but when done in a more delicate way it can be used as a great hair accessory. Tissue flowers!

DSC_0065 Tissue Flowers Tutorial

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