How To Make An Elegant Pearl And Lace Haircomb

I used to make these kinds of hair combs to sell at a market stall when I was a teenager but I completely forgot about them until recently!

Good excuse to use up some of my lace stash though and try a hair style I also haven’t really worn since I was a teenager.


How to Make A Flight Hat – Quick Craft

Another quick easy prop hat to add to my growing collection 😀 This time I wanted a uniform/70’s flight attendant/military-ish hat for my website introduction video! Again I didn’t want to put a huge amount of time/effort into something I would probably only use this once and maybe as a purikura prop so quick stitching and felt to the rescue!


I used:

  • Pink felt
  • White felt
  • Needle, thread, scissors


Folded it in half and then stitched up the fold to give it a seam.


Next I cut 2 squares of white and 2 rectangles of pink (half the height of the white) which were long enough to go around the sides.



Stitched the pink around the edges with the white football piece folded up like this:



Stitch up the sides too:


Flip it inside out and you should get something like this (but with the sides stitched up).


Fold the white squares in half…


And place them at an angle on the sides.


If you stitch it in place and then fold the bit underneath and stitch. Taadaa hat!


Seriously this is a pretty shoddy hat but it did it’s job! You’ll have just to wait for the project it’s being used in to see it on me though ^_^

Now if you want to see some awesome proper hat tutorials you should check out some of The Fashionate Traveller’s posts she makes some awesome hats!


How To Make A Cute Bow Headband

Very simple headband modification today! I do like plain headbands but some times you can’t beat adding a little bit of detail and this is the easiest way I know how. While it’s very easy to do it also looks quite effective if you use the right colours.

Looks a little like they are a heap of tiny bows!



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How To Make A Hair Bow Inside a Bow

Miss Samanteina Bloodmyer requested a tutorial on making those hair bows which are small opaque bows encased in bigger netting bows. I think maybe it was Chocomint that kicked off this trend but I can’t remember. So here we go 😀

My result for a bow inside a bow…

Hair Bow Inside a Bow Tutorial

How To Make A Rosette Style Hair Bow

Yet another bow tutorial, are you sick of these yet? I think I’m getting sick of making them but I’ve got one more after this that I promised before I’ve crossed them all off my list 😀

Today I’m making an rosette ribbon bow. That’s a mouthful!

AP Style Double Bow Rosette Tutorial

I love this style as it can be worn in so many ways!

You need:

  • Thick ribbon
  • Medium ribbon
  • Thin ribbon
  • Felt
  • Bobby pin
  • Tulle
  • Needle, thread, scissors etc
AP Style Double Bow Rosette Tutorial
The three ribbons I’m using:
AP Style Double Bow Rosette Tutorial
First cut 2 lengths of the thick ribbon, these need to be around twice as wide as you want the finished bow to be.
AP Style Double Bow Rosette Tutorial
Fold the ends into the middle and stitch up both of them. Pull the stitches tights so it ruffles them into a bow.
AP Style Double Bow Rosette Tutorial
Lay them crossed in the middle to form an “X” and stitch in place like this:
AP Style Double Bow Rosette Tutorial
Now make another bow out of the middle ribbon in the same way:
AP Style Double Bow Rosette Tutorial
And stitch it on top…
AP Style Double Bow Rosette Tutorial
At this point you really should wrap a piece of the small ribbon around the middle to hide all of the stitches but I forgot so I had to do it later. Clearly my brain was too distracted by the chocolate I was eating at the time, don’t eat and craft it’s serious business.

So pretending you did that, make an upside down V shape with a long piece of large ribbon.

AP Style Double Bow Rosette Tutorial

Put a V of the middle ribbon on top of it.

AP Style Double Bow Rosette Tutorial

And then a V of the small ribbon on top of that.

AP Style Double Bow Rosette Tutorial

Stitch them all together at the top.

AP Style Double Bow Rosette Tutorial

Then stitch your bow section of top of that!

AP Style Double Bow Rosette Tutorial


The back doesn’t need to be neat because it will all be covered.

AP Style Double Bow Rosette Tutorial

Now we need the tulle puff which pokes out the back. Cut a long thin piece of the tulle.

AP Style Double Bow Rosette Tutorial

And do a running stitch down one of the long sides. Pull the thread taught so it forms a big ruffle, if you tie the thread to where you began it should curl around into a rosette.

AP Style Double Bow Rosette Tutorial


Something like this:

AP Style Double Bow Rosette Tutorial

Mine was way too big so I grabbed the non-stitched end and trimmed it.

AP Style Double Bow Rosette Tutorial

Stitch or glue the tulle on the back of the bow and then add a circle of felt over the top to make it much neater and finished. No one is ever going to see the back of mine so I just tacked it on. I also cut two slits into the felt to slip a bobby pin through. I usually wear this in my hair but the original was a brooch back so it could be worn anywhere. Completely up to you which you prefer, if I had more of the little metal brooch things I would have used that because then it’s so much more verstile.

AP Style Double Bow Rosette Tutorial

Now seeing as I forgot to add the thin ribbon around the bow to hide the stitches before, I had to go back and do it now >_< Craft fail.

AP Style Double Bow Rosette Tutorial

Last thing to do is cut all of the ribbon ends into little points

AP Style Double Bow Rosette Tutorial

And that’s it! Obviously not as good as the original but still quite pretty and in colours I wear much more often. Now that you know the basic techniques you can make rpetty much any ribbon bow you could possible thing of.

AP Style Double Bow Rosette Tutorial

Hope you enjoyed this and on the off chance that Sandy ever reads this: I miss taking photos at pretty buildings with you big sister!

AP Style Double Bow Rosette Tutorial

How To Make A Hime Gyaru Double Layer Bow

More scraps, more hair bows XD This time its a typical JD style double fabric bow. This is another one which has been sitting on my reader’s request list for so long that I can’t find who originally requested it >_< If it was you I’m sorry and let me know in the comments so I can update this!

End result:

JD Style Double Layer Hair Bow

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