How To Make Sushi Erasers with Susie

We had so much fun with our other “Cooking with Susie” sessions that we decided to give it one more episode: Sushi erasers with Susie πŸ˜€

Because we’re moving, we’ve been trying to spend as much time with our friends up here before we have to say goodbye for a while.

What did we decide to cook? Sushi! Well not really sushi but erasers that are shaped like sushi in a a little kit thingy.

We bought the kit as a present for Susiewhile we were in Singapore so she brought it over to play with.

Sushi With Susie

Basically it’s a little box that comes with clay and molds and when you put them in the microwave it magically transforms them into erasers. You can read more about it here.

Bad Susie!

Sushi With Susie

Keep making them until you’ve made all of the pieces!

Sushi With Susie

This is the reaction you get when you tell two girls that you’re going to eat all their sushi…

Sushi With Susie

These are some of the parts that will eventually make the wholes: rice, egg and roe! Susie made these ones so they are all perfect.

Sushi With Susie

This is an example of the crappy ones I made… XD

Sushi With Susie

Eventually she wouldn’t let me touch the clay anymore because of my shoddy workmanship mwahahaha! This mismatch of skills tends to lead to some jealousy.

But you know all of that can be fixed with our awesome dancing!!

So enough messing around, making sushi is serious business!

Fill the paper container that came in the kit with water and add the sushi pieces.

Sushi With Susie

Wait patiently for them to come out of the microwave!

Sushi With Susie

Then dump the pieces into cold water.

Cut out all the bits of paper for the nori wrappers etc!

This is a good point to exchange presents too… Susiemade me this awesome gigantic leopard print bow!! She is so talented and awesome. On the other side of that because I’m an awesome friend I got her…. my love and admiration πŸ˜›

Sushi With Susie

And here is our finished sushi!

Sushi With Susie

Yummy yummy yummy πŸ˜€ Congratulations you have successfully completed a craft project made for children! I will claim that the language barrier was the reason it took us several hours. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Sushi With Susie

But also even after it’s cooked you probably shouldn’t eat it.

Sushi With Susie

Thanks for watching Cooking With Susie… and Violet!

Come visit Melbourne soon Susie!!! Let’s start a petition to make her come live in my spare room and do stupid stuff like this all the time?

Sushi With Susie

Have you ever tried making this sushi erasers kit or any of these fun Japanese stye kits?

Outfit of the day Post- Nuffnang Meet up!

Ok clearly I haven’t been cam-whoring enough lately because you girls have actually been asking for outfit photos!

I suppose I have been doing a lot of crafts XD

I think it’s because I’m trying to use up a lot of my supplies before we move so I don’t have to bring them with me!

So a couple of weeks ago Nuffnang threw James and I a going-away party πŸ˜€

This was my outfit for the night…

Nuffnang Meet up

I hope you weren’t too distracted from the outfit by the hideous carpet!

Heehee I made a new hair bow from the left overs of the Nuffnang shirt, it says “We <3 Bloggers”!

Nuffnang Meet up

Of course it was a fairly small turn out because for some reason Brisbane bloggers don’t like hanging out! We had a blast though! Below left to right is Wouter, me, Tash and James is taking the photo.

Nuffnang Meet up

I’ve been trying to take more effort with my make up lately too and try out looks I wouldn’t normally wear. The next day I tried out this purple/pink eyeshadow combination and I really like it!

Nuffnang Meet up

I’m loving anything with glitter in it at the moment ^_^

Nuffnang Meet up

I’m wearing my green lenses here. I love how much they contrast!

Nuffnang Meet up

And one without the flash to show the sparkles:

Nuffnang Meet up

The biggest news I have today is that in 10 days James and I are moving down to Melbourne! EXCITING!

What this means is that for the week leading up to leaving and the week we get there I am going to be crazy busy trying to find an apartment and setting everything up there. I’m still going to be posting as usual and I’ll schedule posts for when we’re driving down but it means I won’t be able to reply to comments and emails as quickly as I do now because we won’t have as stable internet.

Don’t worry I promise I will answer every single comment and email eventually, it will just take me a little while!

It’s a really big move for us and hopefully it will lead to lots and lots of really exciting things in the future so please bear with me for now! We are driving all the way down so I’ll bet there are going to be lots of silly road trip photos and videos for you soon πŸ˜›

Have you guys ever moved city before? It’s a bit scary, I think I need a moving cities outfit πŸ˜‰ Love Violet

Super Cute T-shirt Surgery Tutorial

A few months ago a reader wrote in and asked me to write a t-shirt surgery tutorial.

If you haven’t head of t-shirt surgery it’s basically when you take a plain old t-shirt and you make it into something cooler and more fashionable. There is a community for it here where you can see some fantastic examples.

So anyway when I got the request I didn’t think it was something I would do because I don’t wear t-shirts often… but it stayed in my mind for ages and I kept thinking about it more and more until I had an idea πŸ˜€ When we were in Singapore for the Nuffnang Awards, Nuffnang Australia was lovely enough to give us all shirts. Mine had the slogan “I’m famous (in the blogosphere)” hahaha! I thought it was awesome but they only had large sizes so since then I’ve used it to sleep in… but no more!

Making this…

T-Shirt Surgery

From this….

T-Shirt Surgery

Into this….

Dolly Eye Make Up Tutorial – Violet Vision

This dolly eye make up tutorial took foreeeeever to upload!

Vimeo is down so the reason the quality is not great is Youtube’s stupid compression rubbish. The sound levels seem to have also been warped so beware, the theme song is super loud but for the rest you might need to turn it all the way up in Youtube and on your computer to hear what I’m saying *_*

I’m working on fixing things as fast as possible but until Vimeo is back online there’s not much I can do!

Aaaaanyway aside from all of the technical junk this video was made as a request on how to do the more involved make up style that I sometimes do. This style is possibly more of the traditional hime gyaru style than my every day make up. I prefer this look with a bolder outfit and definitely with dark circle lenses because my natural eye colour is too light for it to work.

The disclaimer is that I am not an expert in make up techniques, this is just the way I do it when I wear my make up in this style.

Products used:

  • Moisturser- Skin MD
  • Lenses- Candy Violet from
  • Foundation- Innoxa
  • Mascara- Bourjois
  • Lashes- some cheap brand
  • Lash glue- Lash Me Type 1
  • Black Shadow- Bourjois
  • White Shadow- Bourjois
  • Shimmer dust- The Face Shop
  • Lip Stain- Bourjois
  • Lip Gloss- Bourjois

If you want to know the product line or numbers used for the dolly eye make up tutorial just let me know πŸ™‚


I have crazy work/moving to Melbourne stuff going on at the moment but I didn’t want to leave you all hanging, so here’s some purikura that James, Susie and I did yesterday!

Susie is full of awesome and she makes the coolest hair bows ever!


As soon as I have a moment to myself I’m going to take care of a bunch of reader requests and craft tutorials I’ve been planning. I have so much planned and no time >_< I promise lots of awesome things soon though so keep reading!

How a Fake Prada Wallet Stole Several Hours of My Life

This story is a long Prada Wallet related saga.

It’s about a wallet that took over my life for two whole days. It’s a story about greed, a story about recycling, an epic drama about craft… and one Prada wallet.

This silly little thing was the cause of many many hours of my life being wasted:

Prada Wallet Deco

So I decided to venture back… and if it was still unsold I would take that as a sign from fate that it was meant to be.

And it was. And I bought it.

Prada Wallet Deco

And thus started an obsession that lasted several hours.

I used Twitter to find out more about Prada and how to discern a fake. In the process I had a hilarious conversation with Cheesie and Audand was given lots of advice from others!

Prada Wallet Deco

I googled and googled, finding number after number of “Signs to tell it’s real” websites. I’m sure an aficionado of high end brands would have spotted in a moment what I was searching for but as someone who has never handled anything of a high end brand it was an adventure for me. Had I stumbled onto the holy grail of thrift store finds?

Prada Wallet Deco

  • Quality of the stitching…Check.
  • Quality of the lining…Check.
  • Leather stamp inside and out…Check

Prada Wallet Deco

  • Correct establishment date… Check
  • Correct curve of the “R”… Check

Prada Wallet Deco

  • Prada branded zip and closure… FAIL.

Ok so it failed the final test… I have to admit I was slightly disappointed. The day dreams of selling it to pay for a trip to Japan or a puppy suddenly plummeted just like the bank balance of someone who had just bought a real Prada wallet.

But then I thought for a little while… even if it wasn’t going to be buying me a pony it was still quite a nice wallet. I liked the leather even it was a bit dirty, I liked the colour, I liked the size and I liked the idea of having a new cute wallet.

So out came the leather cleaner, glue gun, ribbon and lace… and my new wallet was born!

Prada Wallet Deco

I scrubbed the leather clean with a combination of leather cleaner and a moisture sealant to make it nice and tough again.

Prada Wallet Deco

I hot glued lace all around the edges on both inside and out to strengthen and disguise the cracked edges.

Prada Wallet Deco

I found some matching pink polka dot ribbon in my stash and added accents to cover damage and add strength. I think it accents the card holder spots beautifully.

Prada Wallet Deco

And finished off with a bow.

Prada Wallet Deco

Even though it turned out to be a fake this pre-loved $5 wallet was worth every penny. It entertained me for two days, it gave me great conversations with my friends online and offline, it brought out my creativity and thriftiness, it sharpened my google-fu skills and it’s now holding all of my money, cards and old receipts. 1 month on, it’s in better condition than when I found it. Now it is the ultimate hime style wallet!

Very pleased!

And my idea is catching on, when I was in Melbourne, Super Kawaii Mamathought the idea was so cool, she re-vamped her old wallet too!

Wallet Deco

The verdict= $5 for several days of entertainment and a fantastic wallet is a great deal ^_^

Real Prada wallet or not, I can’t say I really care!

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