New Nail Art Leopard Print

Hello again, I thought you might like to see my new nail art ^_^

Firstly I want to say thank you for the overwhelming response to my last post! You are all very sweet and your lovely comments really made my week! You guys all rock!

But down to business… I bet you were all wondering what kind of design I had on my nails in those pictures…

Well here they are in all their glory!

How to Turn $10 into about $700 Hime Gyaru Dress Style… Nuffnang Comp Entry!

This is the story of how I made a Hime Gyaru style dress for $10.

Ok ok ok ok ok ok so you were all waiting on the edge of your seats for this post right? I’ve received a surprising number of messages from you all desperate to know what I did… well here it is!

In my previous post I mentioned this competition at my advertising company Nuffnang (who rock). The general jist of the competition is that they sent us all a $10 Coles Myer Gift voucher and the blogger who spends it in the most creative or frugal way wins a voucher for $100.

Here is the story of what I did…

One night I was busy dreaming about how much I love clothes that make me feel like a princess. I love Hime Gyaru fashion and most of all I love Jesus Diamante clothing… but it’s notoriously expensive ;_; Dresses can cost as much as $1000 which a poor little graphic designer like me just can’t afford…

Blonde and at Greazefest

Evening all! Excuse if this post is a little all over the place, my brain is fried from looking at code for the last 3 days. Yes I know today is supposed to be ACEO Friday but I’m so behind on posting I thought I’d scrap it this week and show you some photos from last weekend.

James and I went to Greazefest!

What’s Greazefest? Well it’s a Kustom Kulture expo, basically full of classic cars, Rockabilly/Psychobilly music and 50-60’s culture! We go every year and it’s fantastic. These are the type of cars that you can expect to see at a Kustom Kulture expo:

I spent a lot of the day posing for photos with the “normal” people, very funny as I was wearing Hime Gyaru fashion not Rockabilly ^_^ Ah they are a bit similar so everyone assumes.

Don't worry I'm still blogging, I haven't forgotten about you!

Yes this is one of those annoying times when real life gets in the way of internet life. So what’s getting in the way? Well work mostly. We’re at a crazy point right now with a lot of projects finishing and starting at the same time so I’ve been working for like 15 hours a day, not very fun even when you have an awesome job. At the same time I’m learning to code iPhone applications (which hopefully you all will eventually benefit from!) which is hard work but fun. And on top of that for a limited time only I’m taking very cheap art commissions for some extra play money (interested? Email [email protected])

Mochi Strawberry Daifuku Recipe Tutorial of Awesome

I hope you’re all ready for a no fuss mochi recipe!

Ok first off let me say that there are a bajillion photos ahead so if you’re on dial up this may not be the post for you… Now without further ado let me present….

Cooking with Violet and Susie!

Today on the Cooking with Violet and Susie show we will be preparing Mochi which will then be made into Strawberry Daifuku (also known as the yummiest thing on earth).

Outfit of the Day, dinner and Pink Gundams

Ok so you all kind of saw this outfit last week but oh well, I thought I’d post these anyway!

James bought himself some new lights for his photography and wanted to test them out, who better to pose πŸ˜‰

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