Schwarzkopf Super Styling Creme-Gel Review


Schwarzkopf Super Styling Creme-Gel

Obtained: Gift bag.


I don’t like using gel in my hair because I prefer styles which are free and more natural but I quite like this for styling short hair. I’ve used it on several different models on James’ photoshoots and it worked very well in men’s hair to give volume and style with very little effort. In all but one of the models I used it on the hold was great, the other guy had very hard to manage hair which just would not stick so I’d say this still worked pretty well. It smelled quite nice too so I would definitely use it if I did styles requiring gel ore often!

Would I buy Schwarzkopf Super Styling Creme-Gel again: Maybe, I don’t do many styles that require this kind of product but it’s good to have just in case.

Disclaimer: All reviews are my honest opinions whether product was provided for review or bought. I am not an expert, just a girl who likes beauty products. Click here to read about my personal preferences or for more information on “Currently Using” mini review posts. Click here for my Editorial and Ethics Policy.

Pantene Aqua Light Giveaway


To celebrate their new Aqua Light range, Pantene are giving away a shampoo/conditioner set to 5 readers here ^_^

What you need to do:

  • Leave a comment telling me why you need a hair routine change.
  • Make sure to incude a way to contact you.
  • 5 Most creative entries win an Aqua Light Shampoo/Conditioner set!

Competition runs from now until Midnight AEST Wed 18th of January at which time I will choose winner based on creativity and contact you to get details to send the prizes to.

EDIT! This competition has been extended until midnight this Monday the 30th of January!

This one is for Australian residents only. More terms and conditions over here as usual.

More information on the new range:

Pantene have announced the results of a national Galaxy survey commissioned to uncover what women really think about the brand and their hair. The survey* revealed that 1 in 5 Australian women, with as many as 1 in 3 Gen-Y women, believe the myth that Pantene weighs hair down and is bad for hair health, while an incredible 73% of Australian females have planned their life around washing their hair so that they can have that ‘just washed’ fresh feeling*.

In response to the results, Pantene have introduced Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light, a new care range with zero residue and zero weight, leaving you with beautifully nourished hair that you can swisssh…

So leave a comment to enter or have a look at the review I did on the Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light range here.

Double Pouf Kitty Ears Nekomimi Hairstyle Tutorial

So continuing on with the photo version of tutorials I’ve made videos of here’s the double pouf style which kind of looks like kitty ears.

Here’s the video version of the tutorial:

Insert terrible kitty face action… oh wait here’s one!


What you need:

  • Brush
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair spray
Start by brushing out your hair.
Grab a section at the front by putting your finger at the top of your ear and moving upwards.


Brush it upward at a 45degree angle.


Twist it up towards the part a few times, the twist should be around half way down the piece of hair like this:


Fold the piece of hair in half and hold the twist to your scalp. It should form a little bump like this…


Pin it in place by pushing one pin back into the pouf and one across so they form an “X”.


Repeat on the other side.


It might take a few tries to get right. The more you twist them the pointier the ears become.


From the back it looks like this:


And from the side…


Taadaa! This takes around 5 minutes to do once you get used to twisting it so it’s a nice alternative to just leaving your hair down.


Hope this was useful and there will be more photo hair tutorials to come 😀


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Faux Bob Hairstyle For Long Hair Photo Tutorial

First up today an update on the Bunny store. Unfortunately I’ve had to push the launch back a while as currently the shipping quotes I’ve gotten are quite high. Aus Post have quoted $11.55 for non-registered overseas airmail which I think is quite high when you add that to the cost of the little Bergamots. So I’m looking at other options and possibly having them made somewhere else and shipped there to keep the costs down. I’m not sure at the moment but I’m still working on it and looking into other options because I don’t think there’s much point putting them up if most of you guys can’t afford them *_* So short story is that the launch will be pushed back into the new year but will still be happening! Let me know if you have any suggestions.

In the mean time here’s a hair tutorial.

Ages ago I did a little video tutorial on making a faux bob hair style for long hair, I promised a follow up photo version and here it is!


Here’s the video version too incase you missed it…You need:

  • Hair ties
  • Brush
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair spray
Brush out and separate your hair into two sections.
Tie them with the hair bands around half way down.
Pull each ponytail backwards so the hair slips through a bit. This will make the front parts in the end result longer in the front than the back.




Curl the ends of the ponytail into a little loop.


Keep rolling upwards until you can’t go any further and you should have something like this:


From the side it will bow out and form a nice finish underneath.



From the front it looks like a curl.


So now you need to pin it in place. You should try to pin through the hair band to give it extra strength. Make sure you’re pinning it as close to the scalp as possible.


Repeat on the other side too.


Now you need to take care of the back, right now it looks terrible.


Take your brush and gently coax the divide together so it hides the gap. You can use your fingers and a few extra bobby pins at the bottom to keep it all in place.


This version isn’t so great but you can get the general idea…


Now you just need to style your fringe and any layers around your face. The style works better with layers around the face because they create an illusion of being the ends of the hair.




Short hair without a major chop 😀


Hope this was helpful, let me know if you have any questions!


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Sleek French Twist Hair Tutorial

WOOHOO INTERNET AGAIN! Uploading a bunch of videos and things as I type this and seeing as all of my scheduled posts didn’t actually go live while I was away I’ve got plenty of stuff to post 😀 I’m too happy to even rant about the crappy TPG service. Saving that rant for later 😉

So let’s start with a hair tutorial!

Back when I did a tutorial on making this lace and learn hair comb a lot of comments were asking for a hair tutorial on the style.


I did a video tutorial on it already over here but for those who can’t watch or prefer photos here’s one of those too ^_^

So what you need:

  • Brush
  • Pretty hair comb
  • Hair spray
  • Bobby pin
Brush your hair out to the back and towards one side.
Stick a bobby pin to hold it in place like this, it will act like a crease to help the hair fold in the right place and look very neat.


Brush the hair upwards to it’s sticking out horizontally.


Now use your hands to fold it across like this:


Tuck all of the ends inside and fold them into the roll.


Should look something like this. You should run your fingers through the sides from right to left to make sure the hair is all sitting the right way.



Once it’s all folded inside it should look something like this:


Secure it with a comb on the side. To use the comb you should grab a bit of hair from the twist…


…pull it right to the side and push into the scalp back the way it came.


And it looks like this! You might want to put in some more bobby pins if you don’t think it’s stable enough.



Most likely you’ll need some pins in the top swirl part to stop it coming loose.


Hair spray over everything and smooth flyaways with your hands.


If you have any problems with the insides breaking out again just lightly brush the outer layer into place again using short strokes.



Now just style your fringe and that’s it!


All done! I didn’t notice the bit popping out until after I finished >_<




Other side:


Stylish and sleek, this is a good one for work as well as times you just want to look a bit more polished.


Hope that all made sense and let me know if you have any other questions!


How To Do A Hime Gyaru Hairstyle Pouf Using a Rat Tutorial Video

After the excitement over my hair last week I was asked for a tutorial on it by some of my lovely newer readers. I’ve done tutorials on this style a couple of times which are listed below but I hadn’t done a video of myself doing it yet so I figure that would be the easiest way of answering any questions. When I did the style on Celeste a few months ago you guys asked how I could do it on myself, so… taadaa!

The main difference between this version and the one I did on Celeste is that we teased her hair completely. Because my hair is bleached I am more worried about damage these days so I choose to use a hair rat inside so I don’t have to tease my hair as much.

The other main question I get about this style is what can you use as a rat? I use a rolled up bandana covered in a crappy old hair extension but you could really use anything light which is in the shape you want. Foam, fabric, whatever. Just something to hold the shape.

This is the last time I’ll be doing something on this style but feel free to check out the other tutorials I’ve done on this style here:

So hopefully that helped and thanks so much for watching!  Over the next week I’ll be implementing a lot of the suggestions you guys made in the survey last week so keep an eye out for them 😀

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