Covered External Hard Drive Tutorial – Home Sweet Home

Time for another Home Sweet Home tutorial! Today I’m recovering my external hard drive so it matches my desk more!

For this tutorial you will need:

  • Hard drive
  • Old magazines or pretty paper
  • Book covering contact
  • Glue
Clean the outside of your hard drive to make sure that you have a nice smooth surface.
I used pictures from an old fashion magazine. You can use whatever you like. Cut out some pretty paper in the shape of the hard drive. Mine wasn’t big enough so I had to do it in 2 pieces.
Glue the paper to the hard drive. Don’t use too much glue or the paper will go soggy. Just use enough that it won’t move around.
Now cut out contact which is slightly larger than the paper.
Lay it out over the entire hard drive and smooth to make sure there are no bubbles.
Snip off the edges and fold the contact around the corners so it all has something to stick to. You can use a scalpel or art knife if you’re good with them, but I just used scissors.
Done! Easy! Now to do the 102938029384 other hard drives >_<
Much cleaner and it actually matches the house!
Hope you enjoyed the craft and let me know if you give it a try!

No Sew Draped Cardigan Tutorial

Another no sewing tutorial, this time I made an easy draped cardigan!
I think the real key to all of these draped clothes is using the right fabric. I am using a really stretchy fabric which is also thin so it flows really well.

Stretch is much more forgiving if you’re just experimenting too! It’s really important to use a fabric which isn’t going to fray like stretch cotton if you’re not planning on hemming anything.
Of course you need a good little helper dog to do this even if she is really not very helpful.
To begin with I draped the fabric over my mannequin as if it was a wrap. Most of the fabric was bunched around the neck.
I pulled it tight so that the back looked more fitted.
I then cut out some arm holes.
Even this just by itself looks quite cute with a belt!
I wanted to have a few different ways to wear it though so I cut a slit on either side
Now to close it all I needed to do was take the corners and wrap them around to the back.
The underneath one pokes through the slit inside so you can tie them at the back.
It only took around 10 minutes to “make” if you can really call it that. And quite a few ways to wear it!
I could see this being really good in cooler months with a long sleeve shirt under it.

Now this is definitely a quick craft! Let me know if you give it a try!

How To Sew Lolita Style Wrist Cuffs – Sew Fun

Today’s tutorial is a reader request: how to make your own Lolita style wrist cuffs.

I really haven’t followed Lolita fashion in years but a lot of the things I post here could cross over easily so many of the reader requests I get are about how to diy Lolita items. I usually steer fairly clear of that because it doesn’t match with my style anymore (and I have no idea what’s even fashionable in those circles now) but this request was interesting to me because I made a lot of these when I wore the fashion!

For this tutorial you will need:

  • Thick lace
  • Thin eyelet lace and ribbon to go in it
  • Needle and thread
This is the most basic of these style of cuffs and it is going to be hand stitched. You could easily machine stitch them, use elastic or any other kind of embellishments you want.
Begin by cutting a piece of the large lace which is at least 3 times the length around your wrist. Ideally you would like it to be even longer than that because more ruffles = cuter.
Cut a piece of the eyelet lace which is around twice the length of your wrist. My pieces below are a bit shorter than I would usually use because I didn’t have much of either of these left. I would also suggest using a longer piece of ribbon so it’s easier to put into a big bow.
Fold the edges of the thick lace over twice and the running stitch up it to seal in the edge.
Now loosely running stitch down the long side so it gathers into a ruffle.
Pull it tightly so the thick piece is the same length as the eyelet lace.
Fold and stitch the edges of the eyelet lace over.
Place the eyelet lace over the gather in the thick lace. I like to leave it a little lower so the top of the thick lace ruffle can be seen on the other side. Stitch it in place all of the way across and then stitch another row under the ribbon so it’s very secure and even.
You should have something along these lines…
You can just put them on like this but I prefer to move the ribbon through the eyelets so it sits on top with the split in the lace at the bottom.
Like this:
Tie the ribbon into a cute bow and you’re done!
Wearing my old clothes makes me wish it was 2007 and I was in Japan again!
You can vary these easily by adding another layer of the thick lace.
Hope that answers the request and make sure you let me know if you have any others!

DIY Tea Cup Candle Tutorial

I’ve seen so many of these tea cup candles in fancy shops but the prices are just exorbitant. You can buy tea cups in thrift shops for like $1 and candle making supplies are quite cheap too. Even cheaper?  Recycling old tea light candles. Cute result!


So for this tutorial you will need:

  • Old candles or candle making supplies to melt down
  • Something to melt them in (I’m using a fondue set)
  • Chopstick
  • Twine
  • Tea cup
To begin, pull the tea light out of the metal casing and remove the wick and the metal part at the bottom.
Once you have enough of them, put them into a melting pot. I’m using a mini fondue set but you can also do the on the stove top which is a lot quicker.
Melt all of the wax.
Measure a piece of twine which is long enough to reach the bottom of your tea cup and tie it to the chopstick.
Once all of your wax is melted it should look similar to this. You can see that all of the crappy burnt parts and dirt sink to the bottom and you can easily pour the wax while leaving them behind.
Pour the wax carefully into the tea cup. Be careful, it’s very hot! Try not to get too many bubbles in there too.
Now dip the twine into the wax and position it so it hangs all the way down into the middle. It can be easier to use a toothpick to poke it in there so it’s straight. Ideally you want to dip it a bit further than you need to so the top part of the wick is covered with a little wax too.
Now allow it to dry completely and you’ve got a candle! If the surface isn’t perfect you can remelt it with a lighter to smooth it out.
Don’t forget to cut the wick so it’s not super long!
Taadaa candle! Cute as home decor and really cost effective to make 😀 I shouldn’t need to say this… but don’t drink it. Seriously.
Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, let me know if you give it a try!

How To Make A Triple Ribbon Bow

Ok so I originally made this as just a regular bow so I could show a different kind of bow in a tutorial… but it looked so cute on Lottie that now it’s an adorable doggy bow. Come on, she looks so fancy and proud!


For this tutorial you will need:

  • 2 kinds of ribbon
  • Needle and thread


Cut a piece of your first ribbon and form it into a loop with the split in the middle. Thread your needle, I’m using white so you can see what I’m doing.
Stitch down the middle and gather it. Tie it off so it’s secure. Repeat with a second piece of ribbon so you now have two bows.
Tie the two loops together so they form a big super bow with 4 mini loops.
Now create another gathered bow loop with your second kind of ribbon and tie it to the middle as well.
Then add some long tails to the gather as well.
Tie one last piece of the second ribbon around the middle of the bow. Make sure it wraps around everything completely.
Now if you’re going to attach this to your dog’s collar, stitch a loop on to the back of the bow.
Taadaa, a gigantic monster bow!
Just thread it through your puppy’s collar and she’ll be as fancy as Lottie.
… ladies?
I’m so glad my dog is as big of a camwhore as I am. She makes the funniest expressions… and puts up with a lot from me XD


Floral Painted Coat Hanger Tutorial – Home Sweet Home

Another Home Sweet Home craft today! Today is how to jazz up plain boring wooden coat hangers. My dream is to one day have a complete matching set of coat hangers. Somehow we always end up with a heap of random unmatched ones. I don’t know how it happens but it always does!
So my end result:

For this tutorial you will need:
  • A wooden coat hanger
  • Acrylic paint in various colours
  • Paint brush
  • PVA glue/clear sealer to seal it all in
  • Nail file
To begin with, buff the coat hanger with a nail file to remove any shiny finishes.
Next, paint it completely white. You may need a few coats of paint.
Next, paint pink or lilac spots randomly all over the coat hanger.
Add little green triangle leaves.
Then a while spiral in each as well and a highlight on each leaf.
Allow it to dry completely and then paint the whole thing in a thick coat of PVA glue.
Once it dries it will be nice and shiny!
Now just imagine an entire wardrobe full of these… magical yes? If only I actually had that many of these to paint ;_;
One day, ONE DAY!!

I think maybe I need to dream a little bit bigger than just having matching coat hangers in my life >_>

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