Getting to Know Jimmy America!

My boyfriend James (also known as Jimmy America) features fairly heavily in my journal so I thought I’d introduce him a little bit. So without further ado…

Getting to know James aka Jimmy America!

James asked me to include in this bio that he is devilishly handsome and only drools occasionally. At least the former is true.

Also he says that he heard me bragging to my friends that his pleasure wand was unsurpassed. I’ll leave that to your imagination.

On a slightly more informative note, James is a wonderful man. We have been living together for more than a year and still loving every minute of it.

He is a graphic designer and he loves classic cars and 50’s-60’s nostalgia. He has a 1963 Valliant AP5 Regal who I compete with for attention along with his drums/guitar/double bass/bass. James is a fantastic musician.

He is a loving, genuine man and is polite to a fault. If the whole karma theory pans out I’ll be hoping to get by on his good deeds. He’s the link of person who will find a wallet full of money and spend his own to try and return it to his owner. He spends half of his life trying to get me to relax and de-stress. Even though James hates tea he still makes it for me. I don’t think I’ve met anyone nicer in my life.

Most importantly Mr. Jimmy America puts up with me!

Something Fishy With Copic Markers

I’ve been playing a lot more with Copic Markers the last few weeks. It’s been fun experimenting with s different medium and learning it’s eccentricities.

It sure has been a loooong day today. I wasn’t feeling well all morning so after having a bit of a mope on the couch Dad called and we drove to his place to pick up our new printer. Hurray for being able to print again! I’m looking forward to testing it out tomorrow with our new business cards.

Going through the whole setting up a new business process again is fun. We are currently getting the website written and all our logos etc set up, this is definitely the fun part before all the work starts! Tomorrow we’re going to get our new internet plan and I’ll be able to do a whole lot more from the couch than I used to!

Oh the picture above was done quite a while ago using Copic Markers. I sure do love Copic Markers.

Hime Gyaru Simple Lace Flower Tutorial

Awesome over the top shoes with lace flowers are a staple of Hime Gyaru fashion. Now I’m not saying that you should ditch those Jesus Diamante pumps in favor of my cheap lacy flowers but here is a slightly less expensive option.

For Christmas this year I was given some cute wedge shoes that I wanted to doll up a bit, with no money left over after the holiday season here is what I came up with.

Simple Lace Flowers Tutorial

Materials needed for lace flowers:

Violet’s special tip #1:
I would suggest that you buy nicer lace than I’ve used here, this is just what I had on hand at the time.

Ok so now that you’ve gathered all your materials together it’s time to get started!

Step 1. Thread your needle

Step 2: Starting at the scalloped edge on one end of the lace use a running stitch to stitch down the edge. Gather it so the end of the lace is dragged to a point as above in the photo.

Step 3:
Now continuing your running stitch, turn the corner and stitch all the way along the straight edge side of the lace and up the other side again. When you’re finished the line of stitching you’ve made should look like a big long “U” shape and the only side that is left unstitched should be the scalloped edge.

Step 4:
Pull the thread carefully so that you end up with nice ruffle as seen above.

Step 5:
Tie your thread off but don’t cut it yet.

Step 6: Now hold the end of the gathered edge and start rolling. In the photo above, the white line represents how the edge should be curled around itself in a spiral.

Step 7: Now start stitching around the spiral to hold it all together. It should look something like the above picture with the white line representing the spiral and the green lines representing the stitches. When you’re sure that it’s secure tie off your thread.

Step 8: Keep a good hold of the rose and glue your badge back in place. Be careful not to burn yourself with the hot glue!

Step 9: Once the glue is secure open up the pins on the badges.

Step 10: Cut out 2 small circles of felt, the diameter should be slightly smaller than the width of your badge backs. Now glue them over the open badge back so they cover all the glue and leave a nice finished look.

Step 11: Turn it upside down and spread the “petals” out. here is a finished flower! Now if you want you could make a second and attach them to your shoes.

Here are the shoes I got for christmas, what do you think? Tadaa!

Violet’s special tip #2:
Obviously you could use the lace flowers on things rather than shoes such as a corsage or a hair piece.

Welcome back everyone.

Ok I’m back in business guys. I’ve got a new home here at blogspot, hopefully I’ll be staying a while! Lolita Fashion Daily is down for good, or will be soon anyway so don’t bother going back, it’s all here now.

I’m going to be making much more of an effort to keep this up this year, consider it a New Year’s resolution!

In future you’re going to find a whole lot of pictures and tutorials here, I’ve got a whole lot of plans so keep watch and it’ll be interesting for you all hopefully!

This year my focus will not only be on Lolita but also Hime and possibly some Gyaru things. Maybe just princess-y things in general. I like pretty things and I’ll be sharing them with all of you!

I hope the new year is treating your guys well and I look forward to spending it with you 😀

Goodbye Lolita Fashion Daily and welcome Tales of an Ingenue!



This android was drawn for an audition for a webcomic. I can tell you I won’t be working for them anytime soon >_<

So life eh? James’ lesson got canceled today, did I tell you that he’s started teaching guitar, drums and double bass? Well he has but his guitar kid was feeling really sick today and it turns out that James is feeling really sick too. He’s lying on the couch feeling sorry for himself at the moment and watching some music video show. More time for me to draw androids I guess.

I haven’t done much drawing this week. My eyes are really bothering me, I can’t spend more than about 20min on the computer before I need a break. I need to see my optometrist again for some new glasses.

*edit* Please note that this is an old entry which seems to have lost it’s picture of a robot android woman, it will not be updated in future*/edit*

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