Sailor Moon Gumboots

As you guys saw last week, I did a really quick customisation of a pair of gumboots for our trip to the Peony Farm. If you’re going to wear gumboots, might as well go all out right?

I wanted to just buy some cute floral ones I had seen at Rivers ages ago but I left it too late and the only cute version I could find were hot pink from the kid’s section at Big W. Easily fixed though!

For this I used:

  • Gumboots from Big W
  • Glue gun
  • Pink and gold ribbon
  • White elastic
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread

The design is a really half-arsed version of Rini/Chibi Usa’s boots from Sailor Moon. I can’t see hot pink boots and not think of that!

I chose to use elastic as the white section at the top because then I didn’t have to deal with cutting stuff on curves. Lazy for the win!

So to get the shape of the front, I placed the ends of the elastic at right angles to each other and then folded the edge over and glued it in place.

At the beginning I was pretty much using glue as a placeholder on this project so it would hold together until the sewing…  but sewing through thick rubber is not particularly fun so I ended up leaving it as just glue. Probably not the most long lasting but I can’t see myself being on a farm too often >_>

I glued it on the front to hold in place so I could work out the curve part. To make the fake curve more obvious I glued it as close to the edge as possible.

Once the front was dry it was just a matter of pulling the elastic tightly towards the back so it curved naturally. Fake curve hurrah!

I then snipped off the extra elastic and folded the edge over. To make it a little more sturdy and a little less… ugly, I added some ribbon around the edge on the inside to cover it all up.

Then it just needed some finishing touches: a gold crescent moon! I didn’t have anything gold big enough so I glued two pieces of ribbon together and cut a moon shape out.


Glued them on the front and it was done. The whole thing took about 15 minutes.

They might not be the most lady-like shoes ever but they were awesome for avoiding Pegasus horse poop!

Arranging the Peonies Part 2: The Peonying…

So following on from the last peony post. Omg why is the word peony so difficult to say in sentences?

On the way home we ended up going a different route so we could take some photos and stop by Bunnings for craft supplies. I took home some awesome painting and resin stuff.

We had decided to start our garden again after the last batch of dead plants so I picked up another bunch of daisies. I’m honestly coming to a point where I think our location is not suited for plants and I’m thinking of getting fake ones again because this is all too hard!

Celina was nice enough to give me her peony bunch as well so I took home 40 of them to refresh in water. I stuck the whole bunch in vases in the shower to give them a good drenching and left them for a few hours.

While waiting, I pruned off all of the dead daisies and googled care instructions for them and the peonies.

I ended up picking some of this grass stuff at the farm too because I thought it was pretty!

So after an hour I went back into the bathroom to see how the peonies were doing only to discover the entire shower was covered in bugs. Not like cute little ladybugs… but each flower was COVERED in tiny worm like mite things and there were about 30 of these disgusting long flat ant bugs with pointy pincer tails running around my shower. SO GROSS. Back to google to work out how to get rid of them.

So I tried the suggestions of swishing the flowers in a bucket of water to drown the bugs and shaking them off. An hour of individual shaking, drying, washing, shaking and trying to chase them down the drain I gave up for the day and let them sit in the shower over night in hopes they might be gone in the morning.

The next day I pulled out the best looking flowers and repeated the process. I ended up with about 10 of the 40 which didn’t suck and weren’t totally covered in bugs… just partially covered in bugs. ;_;

I refused to have wasted so much time on them for failure so I decided to arrange them into a vase anyway.

Holding the flowers near the top of the stem snip off any branches or massive leaves.

You want something roughly like this:

Pick a nice big one and hold it half way down the stem.

Grab another big one (all of the biggest ones go in the middle) and place it so they form an X.

Add another one to the opposite side.

Now one between them in front.

Keep placing them around and around like that until you have a full bunch. Try not to think about all of the tiny bugs crawling on them. >_>

You can either tie the bunch together to make sure it holds or just pop them into your vase.

Done! So pretty and worth all of that work… maybe.

I decided to move around the whole tv area to make it more gardeny.

The peonies only actually stayed alive for 3 days after this and I was still finding those horrible pincer ant things in my shower hiding under things a week later so it was a bit frustrating.

I did manage to take a lot of photos that I can use for flat lays or other random stock though… so I’m calling this a win!

I’m definitely not cut out for an outdoors lifestyle though… so next time I think I’ll stay in the CBD and buy some pre washed/cut flowers from a market stall…


Pink Peony Picking – Outfit Of The Day

So the weird obsession with “pick your own” farms continues but this year we didn’t just want to do the regular berries and things like that so we googled around for some alternatives and found a Peony Farm which was open just one day a year!

Then we debated for like 3 weeks on the correct way to say peony because it just doesn’t sound right.

It was quite the drive out from Melbourne and we managed to pick a day which had pretty average weather. It threatened to rain all day but luckily didn’t start until we left the farm!

The farm really looked like something out of a fairy tale. There was a cute little church, a band playing and all kinds of rustic food stalls. People were having picnics everywhere on the grass.

For once in my life I decided to wear sensible, appropriate shoes so I went and bought some gumboots that week.

I decided they weren’t quite cute enough so I added some decorations to make them Chibi Moon boots from Sailor Moon 😉

Hot pink gumboots – Big W children’s section, customised by me

For the first time ever I was in more practical shoes than Celina, I thought it should be noted so here’s a photo of her getting stuck in the mud for prosperity. She is so never going to go to a farm with me ever again after this 😀

My outfit theme was I guess kind of country cute? I want to say that it was really carefully thought out but I honestly just wanted to wear this dress because it was brand new. I had really wanted to finish knitting the pink cardigan I was doing to match the shoes but I didn’t get it done in time >_<

White lace dress – Plastic Island

In this photo we see my lovely friends daring James to touch an electric fence. -_-‘ I’m not going to say the outcome but I think we all know what happened.


I chose soft pink eyeshadow to go with the look. I have been reverting to gold shimmer or pink eyeshadow a lot lately and I think I’m in a bit of a make up rut. After a string of allergies I’ve had to tone back for a few months so I’m thinking of doing a month make up free to try and just get my skin in really good condition again!

Soft pink eye make up with 3/4 lashes and bright pink lipstick.

I got to have a little fun with my macro clip again!

My accessories for the day were gold and pretty much all of them came from a $3 sale at Target a few weeks ago. I’m pretty disappointed at the quality of a lot of these pieces because they were around $30 full price and some of them broke the first day I wore them out :/

Love necklace – Target

And proof that I actually did pick the flowers myself! We got there early but not early enough because most of the good ones had already been picked.

Each person who picked got to take home 20 flowers. It really is a lot more than you’d think because they are HUGE.

Did I mention that this is a real proper farm and as such, it was full of bugs and so were the flowers *_* In this photo, it looks all artistic carrying the peonies upside down but I was actually trying to shake out all of the bugs. I’m really not a country girl.

After almost a year of wearing the same scarf every day I decided it was probably a good idea to rotate some of the others in my wardrobe in to justify the space they take up hahaha! I never go on these outing without a big scarf even if it’s really hot because I am terrified of sunburn.

Pink floral scarf – Forever New

Pink flower bracelet – Target

Our combined basket of peonies and many bugs with pointy stingers. This is why I’m holding it so awkwardly away from myself haha!

Straw boater hat – Big W, flowers added by me

So many cute rustic places for photos!

After we had picked our share of flowers, we headed back to the picnic area to enjoy our yummy food.

This was probably a mistake on our part because it was quite warm by now so all of our peonies started to wilt. Flower picking is hungry work though!

James and I collaborated on these mini cheesecake jars for dessert. Next time we should do baked cheesecake, it’s so much better!

It’s so fun to get back into outfit posts, I am loving this format a lot more than the bulk ones from last year!

Now prepare for part 2 of the Peony-ing and in the next post I’ll show you what I did with them all!

A New-ish Start



2014 really seemed like a very long year didn’t it? By the end of it I was feeling pretty drained and burnt out so I decided to take a few weeks away from the things that I felt were making me feel bleh and concentrate on things that I really enjoyed doing instead. James and I sat down together and actually talked about what we didn’t like about 2014 and what we wanted to do about it in 2015. I was in a really introspective kind of mood and it felt like the more things I thought about myself, the more I realised that I wasn’t necessarily loving the direction I was going in.

We realised that one of the biggest problems I had was separating work and home life. For the last 7+ years I’ve been working a LOT. I was pulling 12 hour days every day and working weekends but it never felt like I was actually on top of anything because I really wasn’t. Not having set work hours meant that I had no reason to properly plan anything out or to set guidelines for how long things should take because I was constantly doing them… but nothing really seemed to get done because I was always over tired and not running at full brain power.

So that was the first thing to change. I now have set work ours from 10-6 like a “regular” job and I’m not working weekends either! I’ve been doing this for the last 3 weeks and it’s really helped me focus a lot more on goals and projects I want to get done. It also means there is a set time to relax and let my brain wind down enough to rest properly at night. Yay!

With that in mind I started to think about what I wanted to do with myself a little more and realised my blog (and really myself) had turned into a a finely tuned content manufacturing machine. I love tutorials but the rate that I was working them last year (2 videos, 4 posts, social media bonuses, the VLB and sometimes vlogs as well) was not something that I could keep up with forever without burning out. I just don’t have the kind of outgoing personality required for doing that without feeling uncomfortable >_< So this year I’m want to continue doing tutorials because I love them but I will only be doing tutorials that I LOVE. I’m not going to be working to a schedule of X many posts or videos a week because when I do that, things become forced and the end product isn’t what I want it to be. I’m going to write about the things that I want to write about without worrying about other people’s reactions.

This year I want to concentrate my efforts onto being happier. I want to love what I do every day. Obviously loving EVERYTHING is unrealistic and sounds like hippy crap but I want to at least not feel like I’m falling into bed at night dreading the next morning >_> I’m really tired of being tired!

I also want to try new things and diversify a bit. I don’t want to feel like I’m being stagnant and just doing the same things over and over again because that’s what other people want me to do. I have a habit of focusing all of my energy onto one thing and not being able to see anything around me so I want to branch out of my comfort zone more and try some completely different things.

This is probably the longest and most thoughtful post I’ve written in years and I feel really happy about it. The changes that I’ve been making have had such a positive effect so far and I feel re-energised. Since I started this blog what feels like a billion years ago, it’s had so many incarnations and focuses and the one constant has been you guys who are reading this. I really appreciate all the support you’ve given me in reading my blog and I hope you’ll continue to like what you see in the new re-energised Violet.

So 2015, bring it on because I’m excited to see what you have ^_^


Filming With Surfaced Studios – Snapshots

So have you ever wanted to see James beaten to death? Apparently it’s more common that you would think! We’ve been helping Tobias and Celina film some videos lately and the most recent one involved the boys getting into a big fist fight XD

I got to apply the fake blood, it was made of chocolate sauce and smelled delicious.

They started out in an office and it escalated fairly quickly.

Best friends 4everz.

And this is why one shouldn’t leave their camera unattended.

I think James really got the worst of it, he was getting food colouring out of his ears for like 3 days after this.

How beautiful was the part we filmed in though?

And this was you know, less beautiful.

The next filming day we had was for The Ring! I kept myself amused.

Celina’s so pretty 😀

This one was really involved and the table was a bit high so she couldn’t quite reach the floor. I think she discovered new muscles!

If you are scared of The Ring then maybe don’t look at the next few photos…

She was actually just having a nap between shots.

And this is why I’ll never be able to sleep again.

Hope your week didn’t involve demon girls and zombies!

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