This is my second favourite hat of all time. I mean it’s pretty close with the red Entrelac one but I feel like this one should get some extra points because I spun the yarn myself and designed the pattern as well…


This was one of the first yarns that I spun which actually looked like… you know, yarn! It’s an Ashford blend of merino and silk called Sorbet and the roving looks like a rainbow Paddlepop!


Spun up, the rainbow is a lot more subtle and it looks more like a soft pinky purple with a subtle colour shift every now and then.

p1040644 p1040652


The pattern is just a simple beret with an alternating YO/K2tog lace but I think the result is quite effective in showing off the yarn nicely. You can still see the colours shift in the light.p1040913 p1040915 p1040916 p1040917 p1040919

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