A collection of Autumn-ish outfits from before I cut my hair!

P1180006exposure1 P1170971exposure1 P1170928exposure1 P1170879exposure1 _1170210 _1170213 _1170229 _1170532 P1170249 P1170251 P1170261 _1160867 _1160882 _1160897 _1160936 _1160946 _1200013 _1200016 P1190942 P1190957 P1190971 _1170551 _1170577 _1180442 _1180449 _1180524 _1200080 _1200109 _1200119 _1200140 _1200145 _1200147 _1200155 _1220077 P1160384 P1160407 P1160424 P1170564 P1170610

If you made it this far then you deserve some Lottie photos! She loves chasing Autumn leaves!



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