Knitting break!

Continuing on in my adventures of cardigan making, I decided to try something a little more on the complicated side.  I chose Spice Trail from the East, a free pattern from Knitty which uses a few different stitch patterns. I did mine with some cotton from Bendigo Woollen Mills and switched to a short sleeve version so it was a bit more suited for Summer.

This was my first time doing a bottom up cardigan in pieces which was seamed together afterwards. I hated seaming it all together so much that I think I will convert all of my patterns to either top down or in the round to avoid ever having to do it again hahaha!


That said, the pattern was fun and easy to memorize quickly and while I didn’t love the leaves while I was working on them, they turned out to be a very striking pattern when completed.

018-Green-Knitted-Cardigan 002-Green-Knitted-Cardigan

It helps to have a good model.

003-Green-Knitted-Cardigan 004-Green-Knitted-Cardigan 005-Green-Knitted-Cardigan 006-Green-Knitted-Cardigan 007-Green-Knitted-Cardigan

My favourite part of the pattern was the eyelet cable rib. I want to use this on other projects because it’s stretchy but it lays really flat.

Omg so many seams:


014-Green-Knitted-Cardigan 015-Green-Knitted-Cardigan 016-Green-Knitted-Cardigan

I love the V pattern on the back!


021-Green-Knitted-Cardigan 022-Green-Knitted-Cardigan


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