Morning! Another week, another busy day. I’m dreading the rest of February and March at the moment because it’s going to be so busy 🙁 I have an Easter mini break to look forward to though so that’s something!

Almost all of the crafts I’ve been doing lately have been yarn related. I’m falling further and further into the world of yarn and every time I try one thing I want to try another harder step.

So amigurumi!

Kim gave me this little kit from Japan after she decided to take a crochet break. I say break because I’m convinced one day I’ll get her back into it… XD

I have done general amigurumi before but I thought this would be a good easy project to learn how to read Japanese charts and patterns.

When I started looking at the charts I realised that while it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, it did require a quick internet search to make sure I was translating the terms correctly.

Bergamot decided not to bother waiting for me and just power through.

Thankfully there were also photos! Because you know, Bergamot can’t read Japanese. >_>

I loved the end result of the kit and the instructions taught me a lot of techniques which will be super useful for other projects but the combination of using a 3mm metal hook which hadn’t been finished well and rubbed against my skin with it’s pointy metal side every stitch and the SCRATCHIEST YARN KNOWN TO MAN made me extremely glad it was over quickly.

The hook made me think about how I could fix it though and I got a bit creative trying to make it more ergonomic. I’ll show you what I did next post!

Of course this style of amigurumi means lots of ends to weave in :/

I only needed half the yarn so I will keep the left overs for details on other projects. I’m thinking it would be nice for noses on bears.

Plus side, it looks so cute when it’s all finished!

I want to order a heap of these eyes and noses so I can make my own things!

I think I had more fun taking photos of the dog than I did making it.

And Bergamot approved of her new friend!

So all in all? Would definitely recommend this kit if you’re trying to learn to make amigurumi. The photos are quite easy to follow and if you have basic crochet skills and do some Googling you don’t really need to read Japanese to understand what’s going on.

Now to order those eyes so I can make more!



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