PUPPIES!!!! PUPPIESPUPPIESPUPPIES!!!!! We went to a dog show! Not the kind where they have the dogs walk in circles and judge them, the fun kind where everyone just looks at different kinds of doggies!

Our neighbours through a huge party the night before (which we were not invited to) and neither of us had slept so we were a little crazy XD

This was supposed to say “come meet the Duluxe dog” but I guess he had better things to do that day…

We got to pet Corgies for the first time and they were sooo soft and lovely! Their heads were far too big for their bodies…

So cute! I think Lottie might get a little corgi friend when she gets a bit older and we have more space.

Have you seen Chow puppies? You would just eat them up! I miss Gilmore Girls.

Furry little limbs flying everywhere as other puppies made new friends.

This Samoyed had such a lovely temperament, Even while little kids were pulling at it’s fur and petting her far too hard, it just kept smiling. I wish I was that patient with kid >_>

Puppy hugs!

There was a stall for the Husky owners club. They were so soft and such lovely animals that I thought maybe we should get a bigger place…

Until the lady told me all this came from just the dog above…IN JUST THE LAST FEW HOURS!

She sure was curious about my camera though…

Yes, I made other people wait while we set up this photo and yes I would totally do it again >_>

Unfortunately the french bulldog wasn’t at his stall when we went past. I loved that his personality trait was “disobedient”.

Bu this very embarrassed looking poodle was. Does anyone know why it’s hair was in little bags? I wanted to ask but the people at the stall were super busy.

There were lots of clever dog toys in the showcase area, including these which are for dogs who eat too fast. I think Lottie would just flip it over and eat whatever falls out.

There were police and seeing eye dogs in training getting used to big crowds! This Border Protection puppy was a little scared but doing so well!

So I met these GIANT Swiss mountain dogs instead! the photos don’t do them justice, one shook my hand and it’s paw was bigger than mine was! Giant sweethearts though ^_^

Here’s a happier looking poodle!

I was of course, drawn to all the fluffy dogs who reminded me of Lottie. This Keyshound was just lovely.

The whole show took place at the Royal Exhibition Building which has to be one of my favourite venues because it’s just a beautiful building.

There were areas downstairs where the dogs did tricks and put on little shows. It was too crowded to see very much but so cute!

This little pup would paint you canvases while doing tricks!

But at the end of the day it just made me want to get home and see Lottie even more!

She was only interested when I had tuna though >_>

Give your pets a big hug! Unless they’re fish because… you know.


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