Every time I try to take a cute photo, this is happening zoomed out slightly:

The weather has been constantly up and down this week which isn’t really a change for Melbourne I guess. Everyone here jokes about having 4 seasons in 1 day but it’s really more like 4 seasons in the space of an hour *_*

A little further out from the city the cherry blossoms were magical.

I wish I could surround my apartment with them all year round but they would probably seem a little less magical if they lasted longer than a week or so!

The worst part of inconsistent weather is trying to dress for it!

I usually end up taking like 5 layers and never end up quite the correct temperature >_<

I keep taking photos of this rainbow building for some reason!

I’ve been trying to take it a little easier and relax more at home. I guess my definition of relaxation is really just lighting some candles in the background while I work hahaha!

Now that it’s a little warmer I want to bust out our blender and try my hand at making some fancy summer drinks. I’m going to stock up on fruit and try different combinations until I find the perfect one. Do you guys have a favourite fruit? Mine’s pomegranate but they are so expensive ;_:

This is my new tea strainer, it looks like a little acorn inside the pot plant!

And I’ll leave you with Celina being a total fashion model on the edge of a pier because someone has to do it!



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