I can’t believe how long it’s been since I did proper OOTD posts *_* I don’t quite know how that happened! I have been wearing clothes all this time… just forgetting to take photos? >_>

Most of the photos I have are from behind the scenes of things.

Ever so comfy:


Dress: Gift from Celina
Skirt: Sussan
Slippers: Random Japanese import store in Melbourne Central

Bear ear hair style!

I think I need to start buying things from places which I can actually direct people to because I get asked all the time where I get stuff from but the only things in this outfit that are from an actual shop are the underskirt and jumper from Valley Girl and Tempt. The rest is handmade/gifted!
This one is a really nice outfit for when it’s a bit overcast outside.
Hat- ebay
Shirt- 7 Angels
Skirt- Sussan
Jewellery- Lovisa

Dress- 7 Angels
Cardigan – Jeans West many years ago which I cut up.
Shoes- Target
Hat- H&M
And this month’s sponsored Tuesday Toes with Pedi-sox!
These spotty socks are so fun and bright so I wanted to do something happy to match!
1. Use the end of a pencil to create large colourful spots.
2. Add other colours.
3. With the last colour, overlap the previous spots so it looks like confetti and top coat.
So perfect for Summer! To order your own spotty Pedi-Sox check out www.CreativesNewEdge.com.au if you’re in Aus, or www.originalpedisox.com for your country’s stockist!

Ok I’m going to get more organised with my outfits again!!


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