I want to grow big trees like this in our apartment but even our window boxes are dead again.

I think that’s because the people above us keep dropping their filthy cigarette butts into our garden though 🙁

Sad plants are sad.

There was a pop up store in town by Old El Paso to promote their new range of tortillas and it was super cheap so we decided to try it out!

It was completely empty every time we went past *_* But the decorations were fun!

The concept however, was really silly. The tortillas are boat shaped which means you can’t actually eat them standing up because the second you take a bite it looses structural integrity and goes EVERYWHERE.

But you know, cute display!

This is also silly, it’s an art installation that gets bigger/smaller depending on how many people are in the shopping centre. All I can see is how dirty it is >_> It’s like a gigantic air filter cover full of dust from the ducts and no matter what time it is it never seems to get any bigger or smaller *_*

On the plus side, strawberry cheesecake drinks are AWESOME.


And I love all food which comes on stands bigger than me.

And Lottie is cute.

And apparently Little Golden Books are kitsch enough that hipster places use them as menu covers.

It’s warmer now so the streets are super busy. I’m not a big fan of crowds.

I find myself staring at the ceiling a lot waiting for people to move.

I think I’ll just stay home and be a hermit…


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