I’m in the middle of cleaning out my craft supplies, it seems to be a never ending process. Bleh. I got up to my yarn box today… this is my least favorite craft thing to organise because yarn never stays organised no matter how hard you try.

Monster yarn boooox!
To begin with I ignored the fact that the yarn was all tangled and wasted a bunch of time painting the basket instead. Because shut up. >_>
Rustic? Let’s go with that.
At that point I decided that it was probably time to do something about the yarn. So here’s how to make a center pull ball. Center pull balls are easier to work with because the yarn comes from the inside. So the ball can stay in the same place while you knit rather than rolling around on the floor.
So wrap the yarn around your 4 fingers several times leaving the tail long and hanging to the side.
Pull the bunch off your fingers and keep wrapping around the bunch.
Keep wrapping around the middle until it turns more into a fat sausage.
Eventually wrap it around into a ball shape. Keep the tail clear from the wrapping so it you were to pull it, it would easily unwind from the inside.
Wrap and wrap and wrap until you run out of yarn. Again, make sure that you can easily pull the tail. I like to hold the ball with my thumb on the tail while I’m wrapping so it’s easier to make sure it’s going to pull easier later.
And that’s done!
Repeat it with all of your other yarn and you might one day have a neat yarn box… maybe… until the next project anyway.
It’s marginally better at least and no more re-rolling next project!

Now I just need to decide how much of that yarn should even be in my collection because I have no idea what to do with half of it. -_-‘

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