I was lucky enough to be invited to some of the events for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week this year and it was so much fun! The first event was the Emporium Shop Hop and it was pretty much a big shopping night where each of the shops in Emporium had mini attractions inside.


The buildings were all lit up beautifully.


There were fashion shows in all of the tiny alleys between shops. Amazing fashion show in an alley that kind of smells like horse poop = so Melbourne.

Inside Emporium, Michael Kors dressed me up in their big jackets, I couldn’t quite bring myself to put the sunglasses on for some reason!

There were heaps of little stands dotted around the place with snacks too. Popcorn!

Michel Kors had the cutest little handbag shaped cookies and Mimco had chocolates and a claw machine game for their members to play.


Later in the week Celina snagged us tickets to the Emerging Designers Runway which is basically where the students from the fashion universities put on their final runway presentations.

I loved how many flowers there were everywhere, it really made this stubbornly long Winter feel more Springish!

At home while deciding on outfits we had this conversation…

Violet: Hmm, adding a scarf to my bag… too much?

Celina: Hmm probably a bit over the top…

Violet: You’re definitely right.

Celina: Am I wearing too much glitter?

Violet: Hmm maybe tone down a tiny bit.

Celina: Good call!

Of course when we arrived everyone was WAY more over the top and over dressed than we were!!

We were in the second row with awesome seats!

It was interesting, everyone there seemed to know each other already so it was like coming to a family reunion.

And the actual fashion! It was so creative and I wish I had been able to see some of the pieces up close because there were so many tiny details.


Each student had around 10 looks.

The model in the top right’s jacket is made out of security tags!

A lot of the collections seemed to use very squishy textures, the model below was even carrying a huge pillow.

I found it hard to photograph because I didn’t have a zoom lens with me but this was very impressive, the whole thing was made from perspex!

And the final show stopper outfit, her dress was massive and very detailed.


And the final walk through.

After the show finished we decided to have a look through the rest of the fashion areas still open that late at night.

There was a bar and a DJ with areas set up to get your hair and make up done.

Super fun!

It was a really awesome week! I found the whole thing very inspiring, it made me want to get my sewing machine out and make something amazing! It’s hard to be uninspired when you’re around so many people who are creative!


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