Ok so I originally made this as just a regular bow so I could show a different kind of bow in a tutorial… but it looked so cute on Lottie that now it’s an adorable doggy bow. Come on, she looks so fancy and proud!


For this tutorial you will need:

  • 2 kinds of ribbon
  • Needle and thread


Cut a piece of your first ribbon and form it into a loop with the split in the middle. Thread your needle, I’m using white so you can see what I’m doing.
Stitch down the middle and gather it. Tie it off so it’s secure. Repeat with a second piece of ribbon so you now have two bows.
Tie the two loops together so they form a big super bow with 4 mini loops.
Now create another gathered bow loop with your second kind of ribbon and tie it to the middle as well.
Then add some long tails to the gather as well.
Tie one last piece of the second ribbon around the middle of the bow. Make sure it wraps around everything completely.
Now if you’re going to attach this to your dog’s collar, stitch a loop on to the back of the bow.
Taadaa, a gigantic monster bow!
Just thread it through your puppy’s collar and she’ll be as fancy as Lottie.
… ladies?
I’m so glad my dog is as big of a camwhore as I am. She makes the funniest expressions… and puts up with a lot from me XD


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