A nice easy tutorial today, I’ll be showing you guys how I wear my clip in hair extensions!

Clip in extensions are awesome. They are very versatile and if you buy ones which you can style then you can do all kinds of things with them. I have a lot of length with my natural hair so today I’ll be using them for volume.
To begin with, style your extensions to match your actual hair. Mine is straight so I’ll be straightening my extensions. Keep in mind that you can only heat style some types of extensions so make sure that you check first because if yours are synthetic you may melt them with that much heat!
My hair naturally from the back:
First thing to do is section your hair from the ears up and pin out of the way. Apply the first long track of hair here by clipping it just below the part line.
Like this!
When you let the rest of the hair down it should be invisible. You need to make sure the clips are as close and flat to the scalp as possible.
Section the hair a little further up and repeat again with another track.
Repeat again and again until you feel you have enough on the back. Make sure you don’t cross the tracks over anywhere you’re planning on parting the hair later or else they will be visible.
I like to apply a few smaller ones on the sides of my head as well. Not too many as it’s much more visible in this area because the hair is thinner.
Once you’re finished, brush through everything so the natural hair blends with the extensions.
Long and volumous!
At the back you can see the placement of my tracks below:
I think these give a really good thickness to my natural hair. I like to use them in styles like braids too because they give a lot of body to the designs.
Hope you enjoyed and let me know if you have any other requests!

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