Spending more time thinking about my food is something I’ve been trying to do with my whole Lazy Inspiration thing but I tend to only gravitate towards cute sweet foods rather than savoury things too. It’s really stupid because I actually don’t like that much sweet food, I prefer savoury in general -_-‘

One thing I’ve been trying to get into the habit of is having better lunches. When I’m working I tend to just forget to have lunch or if I do have lunch it’s something quick, easy and terrible like reheated pasta nonsense.

I want to be a bit healthier and have more variety in my diet now so I’m trying to have more bentos for lunch. I find that having a set number of spaces makes me think about what I’m going to eat and fill each one accordingly!

So this is a totally random one I put together for lunch a few days ago. I bought this Hello Kitty box from a random import shop in Brisbane years ago but I never really used it much until I started this.

Inside it has two big spaces and 3 small ones. I aim to have one big main food, one big salad and the small ones are for sweet things, fruit and sauces.

These were left over things I just scrounged out of the fridge.
I set an egg to soft boil while I was working on the other parts.
I used a rice press to make little mini onigiri with tuna and cream cheese in it.
Next I sliced up an apple for the fruit portion.
I wanted it to be well presented so I used some icing flower cutters to cut out cheese flowers.
The only thing more beautiful than flowers: cheese.
Then it was a matter of putting things together.
Top left: Tuna onigiri
Top right: Crushed noodle, apple and soft boiled egg salad with furikake seasoning
Bottom left: Special Greek candy from Cel (YUM!!)
Bottom middle:  A strawberry with cream cheese
Bottom right: Cut up apple
This is probably a quite a bit more than I would normally eat but having a good combination of reasonably healthy ingredients stops me from feeling so full and bleh in the afternoons.
Also, totally pretty and fun to make.
I thought that doing this would be more of a chore than it turned out to be. I actually really enjoy trying to find new things to put in each space.
And having cute things like the bunny soy sauce container doesn’t hurt!
So there you go! It takes a bit of effort but the amount of happiness that it brings is totally worth it! Do you have any recipes I should try and include next time??

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