I love random beauty products and James challenged me to find some things at Daiso that I’d never tried and give them a go… so here we are!

I got just-add-water face masks, eyelid tape, cocoon scrubs and a silicon face scrub. For those of you who don’t know, Daiso is a Japanese variety store where everything costs $2.80 (or less if you’re not living in Australia >_>).

So first up are natural silk cocoon face scrubs.
You pretty much soak them in warm water  and then use them to scrub dirt off your face.
They are really hard when they come out of the packet and it took quite a while for mine to soften. It definitely didn’t feel like silk. I felt like this did just about as good of a job as nothing really. I didn’t notice a difference at all. I was so ready to have magically amazing skin but apparently life doesn’t work that way :/
Next up the silicon face scrubber. This I bought because it reminded me of the Foreo Luna but cost about a 100th of the price. Not even exaggerating there.
This one is to be used with your regular face products and it does work quite well. It did scrub off my make up easily and felt pleasant to use. I don’t know if it works better than a face towel, but it works! It doesn’t have the vibrating function etc that the Luna does so it doesn’t work as well at removing face stuff but for a 100th of the price I think you could really just put a little more work into the scrubbing and still be happy! Tick!
Next up, double eyelid tape. I’ve always wondered how this would change the shape of my eyes. Obviously I don’t expect them to give me double eyelids because I already have them but changing the shape of my crease is something that I find interesting.
It took me quite a few tries to get the hang of applying them and if I was planning to use them on a regular basis I would probably buy another pack and just practice until I had the technique perfect.
Eyes with out tape:
Eye with tape:
So obviously they did make a difference, my eye is much more rounded and the skin is tighter. I found it uncomfortable but I’m sure it’s something you would get used to. Overall they did as advertised and if I ever felt like changing the shape of my eye again I would rebuy.
Lastly after all of that playing I thought my skin could probably use a break so I tried out these face mask tablets!
They come 5 to a pack and are good sized for traveling. I’m imagining trying to explain why I have white powdery tablets in my luggage but that’s another issue all together.
You soak the tablet in some warm water…
And it expands into a wet slimy mask, like those awesome “hatch your own dinosaur” toys you had as a kid. Luckily this leaves less of a feeling of annoyance that it didn’t turn into a 50 foot sponge t-rex. False advertising.
The mask was surprisingly nice considering how cheap it was. My face actually felt really nice after I was finished using it. I will actually re-buy these!
So that’s it, Daiso adventure complete. Some good ones and some… others! Next time I’m totally buying that weird horse fat cream I keep seeing, that looks highly disturbing and I think I should try it! Is there anything random from Daiso you guys think I should put in my next review?

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