So I’ve been a little bit obsessed with making wrap shirts lately. It’s such a fun thing to experiment with especially because there is pretty much no sewing involved!

This one has cute bow shapes on the sleeves.

All you need for this is a large square amount of fabric, some scissors and a little ribbon.

Take your piece of fabric and fold it in half. Cut a neck hole along the fold.

From this point on I put it on my mannequin to hold while I was working so I could see the shape.
Round out the neck hold so it’s more flattering.
Along the shoulder area cut 2 horizontal lines.
Pinch the fabric in between the cuts together into a bow and tie the ribbon around the middle.
Now make a cut on each side around the wait area.
Now take the corners of the fabric which are at the back and poke them through the waist holes.
And tie them in a knot.
So when it’s laid out flat, this is what it looks like:
And then on it looks like this:
Tight at the back and the draped and pretty at the front!
How fun was that!? No sewing effort required and you could do so many things like this by draping and tying the fabric in different ways!