This week’s snapshots is all about food. Delicious, delicious food.

This actually tasted pretty bad… but it was so pretty. I hate when cute food doesn’t like up to taste expectations, it’s like the ultimate disappointment. Also, whats with rich people and eating gold!? Every high tea we go to seems to have gold leaf on something!
Speaking of desserts… The heart chocolates in the bottom left were hand made for me by Chrissy! She is the best! And the top two is what happens when you say to James, “I don’t care, just order something and we’ll split it”. It was seriously massive and we barely finished it between the two of us. Complete strangers came up and asked what we had ordered, then took photos it was that ridiculous.


My one weakness: sweet potato fries from Hot Star.


This was the first thing I made with my isomalt melting jewels. It’s so pretty and shiny I can’t wait to make some more once the burn it gave me is healed *_*


Sushi makes for such interesting photos.



As a bonus… here is James carrying all of our food… it totally fits the theme. He’s walking down the up escalator but who knows why. Probably because he’s a handsome rebel who plays by his own rules.


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