After the amount of fun we had with the VLB needle felt patch  I thought it would only be fair to do a Bergamot Bunny version too!

You’ll need needle felting supplies and some white felt as well for this one.

Cut the shapes below out of felt.
Felt the round head to the body.
And the ears to the head.
Next smoosh up some white wool to cover the felt.
Begin with the ears…
And then cover up the rest in white as well.
Now for the details! In pink make her fluffy tail.
As well as the blush on her cheeks, hearts in her ears and little hands.
In this version I gave her a pink mouth and nose and a light purple “V” in her foot. I also made a little pink bow separately and added it on.
Then some big beautiful black eyes…
And so they look more like eyes and less like disturbing portals to the underworld, add in some white sparks and eyelashes.
Yay done!
Then you just need to pop a pin on the back and wear your new friend out and about!
She makes a great pin or patch to use on a bag or anything else!

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