Yay sewing tutorial! Today is part two of a shirt and skirt set remake! I’m classing this as being part of the Sew Fun series but keep in mind it’s not so much for complete beginners, it’s more intermediate so I’m going to be skipping some basic steps along the way. There will hopefully be more beginners tutorials as soon as I have time to sew.

A few weeks ago I bought a skirt and shirt from Supre and I really liked the comfy stretchy lace they were made from. It’s perfect for summer and also super comfortable to wear. It’s a crazy easy pattern and I had managed to find some lace fabric on sale so I decided to make a couple of others so I could mix and match them together.
Here’s the finished set!

So last time we made the shirt, this time it’s the skirt!
I changed the skirt design to be even more simple than the original version by removing the zip. The lace and cotton that I bought was far more stretchy and a little more structured than the original so I decided to just not bother using a zip and instead rely solely on the stretch. Also… I didn’t have any zips left in my sewing cabinet and I couldn’t be bothered walking to Lincraft >_>
So the process was very similar to the shirt, I laid out the fabric and cut out the pieces leaving a 1cm seam allowance.
The skirt is made from identical front and back sections and two waist pieces. It’s not quite enough fabric to made it a circle skirt and it drapes much more nicely when the fabric is cut on the bias.
The same pieces need to be cut from the lining as well.
The first thing to do with the actual sewing is to overlock the waist pieces to the skirt sections. Do this with both the actual fabric and the lining.
Next overlock the front and back together down each side so it becomes a complete skirt shape. Do this with both the lining and the lace.
Then place the lining inside the lace with the good sides facing each other and overlock around the top of the waist.
So basically you should have an inside out skirt now.
Flip it the right way out and hem the bottom of both the lace and the lining.
You should also top stitch the waist band to give it more structure and a nice finish around the top.
Perfect! I love this skirt, it’s so swishy and fun to wear!
Perfect for dancing with my pretty assistant!
How fun! This was a really great project set so I can’t wait to do more sewing soon!

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