I promised myself that we would visit the beach at least once before it got cold again.



While we did get to the beach, the weather was a bit…


Pastel-Melbourne-Beach-Snapshots2Pastel-Melbourne-Beach-Snapshots460But it didn’t stop us from having some fun!




This smile actually says “Yay I’m getting sand blown in my face by this intense wind!”.


It’s a little hard to see in the photo but there were little seagull footprints all around these lost feathers.


James made friends with a bouncy ball he found. Then he lost it in the ocean… then he rescued it from the ocean… then he lost it in the ocean again >_> It was an emotional day for him.


Afterwards we went to La Porchetta for lunch and it was actually really yummy. It looked like a repurposed RSL but it was so good!


Bonus pic:

I did wonder a bit as to the cause of these instructions for our left overs. I mean seriously, did someone actually get sick and sue over something like this? INSANITY.


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