A little bit more of a fun and silly tutorial today!
Let’s draw Bergamot bunny!

Start with a big round oval. Bergamot has a huge head so make it pretty huge.
Next add two big sausages for ears to the right side of the head.
Now add a round body with some little sausages for feet. The body should be a little shorter than the head. The top of it was basically like a circle with a flat bottom
Of course Bergamot has a V tattoo 😀 Her hands appear in this step as well, they are just U shapes.
Now the details. The ears have little hearts and the bow is just in front of the ears.
And the eyes, Bergamot has big circular eyes with 2 eyelashes. Make sure to put some white highlights inside too so it’s extra cute.
And the rest of the face. Her triangular nose is just a little lower than  her eyes and the blush spots are the same level as the mouth. The blush spots go right off the cheeks too.
Lastly the fluffy little tail!
Now you just need to colour it all in! WINNER!
And that’s it, Bergamot is easy to draw and sketch 😀 Give it a try and send me your drawings!!

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