I’ve been wearing a lot of gold jewellery lately. I’ve always been a silver girl but for some reason I’ve been so drawn to gold chains. Gold and pearls.


I actually prefer to make my own jewellery because I find it hard to get things from stores that fit my wrists without just slipping off. Having a bangle fly off and hit someone in the face while you’re gesturing wildly while having a conversation isn’t something that you really want to repeat…

So anyway…. let’s make a pearl and gold chain bracelet today!

You will need:

  • Chain
  • Pearls
  • Thin wire
  • Clasps


Cut a length of chain which can wrap around your wrist.

Lay out the chain and the pearls, you want to place a pearl in every second chain.



Add clasps to the end of the chain.

Now let’s start with the pearls. Tie your thin wire securely to one end of the chain.


Thread a pearl on the wire and then thread the wire back down through the chain.



Weave the wire through the chain again so it’s under the next link, then when you go up again add another pearl. There should be a pearl on every second link.


Continue down the chain until you run out and then tie the wire off securely.





And now you’ve got an adorable bracelet which actually fits well!


This also looks perfect stacked with a bunch of other bracelets!


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