Part of my Lazy Inspiration idea was to take more of an interest in the food I was eating. Partially because I was to be a bit healthier but also because I like details and I beautifully presented food makes me happy to look at. While yes this kind of thing does take more time to prepare, it makes me happy and inspired so I think the trade off is worth it! Cute-Food00531

It can be as simple as putting my coffee or tea in a cuter cup and taking a moment while I drink it to enjoy the details. Cute-Food30847 Cute-Food Or as complicated as making marshmallow cupcakes. Cute-Food4 One thing I’ve been really enjoying is making a bento for lunch because it gives me a better variety of foods than just reheated pasta over and over again… pay no attention to the reheated pasta in the following photo… >_> Cute-Food20546   Having the pre made spaces in the bento makes me think more about portion sizes and what should go in each. Cute-Food20870Cute-Food20872   For the record, these are soba noodles, not pasta. Totally doesn’t count. Cute-Food30777 Worst kitty face ever on that tomago btw but there’s always something to practice! Cute-Food30779 James has been joining in my attempts to do latte art, he called this one “I wish I had 10 arms to hug you with” but all I could think was “Human Centipede”. P1030949 I’ve been obsessed with buying little kitchen items for presentation too like these cute little paper straws. Cute-Food2 I wish I’d bought them before James made these smoothies, they would have been perfect! Cute-Food20520Cute-Food20516   My favourite things to decorate are always going to be cakes but I’m starting to use all of the cake supplies that James bought me for Billy Idol Day in other things as well. I made kitty cupcakes for Kim’s birthday! Cute-Food20648Cute-Food20649 In terms of savoury food my absolute favourite at the moment is James’ invention of “Bibimbaffles”. Basically it’s rice in the waffle iron until it’s delicious and crispy. YUM YUM YUM! Cute-Food5Cute-Food30316   Real waffles are of course delicious too! Cute-Food30173Cute-Food30176 I didn’t think paying more attention to the details of my food would make much of a difference to my overall levels of inspiration but it’s really gotten me more interested in baking and general kitchen decorating. I’ll be doing a series of cute food tutorials and recipes every month so hopefully it will inspire some of you guys too! The first one we’re going to do? White chocolate and raspberry cake! YUM!

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