I finally cleaned up and organised my crafting area so now I have a really pretty space!

I covered the table in contact that was left over from the kitchen.


I’m going to do something about those lights too because I don’t think I need them anymore.





I took the large mirror from the bathroom and painted it white too. I also got rid of the lampshades, instead I stapled paper into tubes to diffuse the light more.


I covered the craft shelves in decoupage using the same paper as my bedroom door and I bought some more storage boxes from Daiso. I think I want to get rid of some of the little shelves there but not sure the best way to do it. Maybe at least covering them with white paper would be better. Not sure!


So it’s starting to come along! There are still things that need to change like the mini shelves, the yarn box and the fact that I have far too many supplies for the space they’re in >_< But yay progress anyway!


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