So when we first started walking Lottie everyone we spoke to told us we had to have a harness. That is a whole can of worms to get into right there which I don’t have time to debate but the only harness we could find that actually fit her at the time was cat harness from Daiso. It was pretty flimsy and a pain to clip on and off a wiggly puppy so I set about making it a bit better until we could find another one.

Yes, complete with crappy diagrams 😀



I used:

  • Crappy Daiso harness
  • Velco
  • Cute fabric,
  • Needle and thread



First I stitched it in place so it was no longer adjustable. The sliding adjusters suck, Lottie just pulls them apart to escape, smart dog!



Next I cut off the clips.



I sealed the edges with a lighter.



Then I measured out the velcro.



Lastly I covered the whole thing with thick cute fabric. This helped pad it a little so it was more comfortable for Lottie too.




Done and done!



And does puppy Lottie like it? Nope haha!


The harness made her feel invincible and she just used it to swing off like a rock climber >_< Damn you adventurous puppy!! I can’t believe how short her tail looks in these old photos *_* Omg I miss my chubby little puppy!


So make shift harness done! It served it’s purpose well until we caved in and bought a cute expensive one for Billy Idol Day last year haha! I can never say no to that face!


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