Guess who turned 1 recently?


Miss Lottie Bone-Crusher Mace is officially 1 year old! Well technically she’s been 1 for a while but it has officially been 1 year since we brought her home with us which I think is more important to celebrate ^_^

If you haven’t already, feel free to read the story of how Lottie came to live with us over here. Lots of cute photos!

I’m so into this and she is her usual indifferent self…



Exactly one year apart she has grown into the most beautiful dog.

cute-1-year-old-pomeranian9555 copy2

For her birthday we got her a new collar and a comically large bone:


She pulled out her sexy poses right away to show off to all the ladies…


In the year we’ve had her we’ve learned a lot about her personality. She hates getting up first thing in the morning and will just stare off the edge of the bed for 20 minutes.



Get up lazy!



She has an extremely lovely, cuddly, snuggly temperament.

I haven’t been able to get it on camera yet but when she wants something she sits next to you and taps you politely until you work out what it is that she wants.

Pets really do reflect their humans…

Her markings make her look like a fox and her tail is so comically decorative that she can barely wag it.


She likes eating extremely expensive graphics tablet pens. A lot.


But she’s so cute you can’t be mad at her… much.

She is disturbingly smart and highly manipulative when it comes to getting treats.


She’s learnt a whole lot of tricks including my favorite: balancing a treat on one paw until we say OK and she can eat it.

She understands commerce and will willingly bring you things she knows she’s not supposed to have to exchange for a treat. She also picks things up I drop and brings them back… in exchange for treats. Super useful!


She is super lazy unless someone comes to visit at which point she turns into the most excitable puppy in the universe.


She likes to make out with people. A lot.


But only if you’re into it…


She also likes girls… a lot.

There aren’t many other small dogs in our building (mostly huge ones!) but she doesn’t like boy dogs so we want to find her a nice girlfriend. If you live in the Melbourne area and have a little girl dog looking for romance send me an email ;D

So to celebrate how much she’s grown up I thought it would be fun to look at some of her photos from the last year and see all the changes she’s made!

The day we brought her home:



My favorite puppy photo:


She refused to come out of her box for ages:



And she wasn’t super smart…


Her first bath:




James had to “Lion King” her to welcome her to the family. She wasn’t impressed much then either.



She has always thought she was people.



From the day her Aunt Kim bought her a new home!




Fluffy butt!


It’s funny, now she absolutely loves us, she always wants to know where we are and snuggle but for the first month she did not trust us at all. She originally refused to sit between us, she would always have one eye on the door and an escape route to under the couch planned. Now she head butts her way to be between us no matter what.




Learning shake!



She still won’t wear a damn bow!! So we made a compromise and she wears one on her collar 😀



She is still totally dubious about mirror Lottie. Especially late at night when it’s dark.



She still isn’t so sure about outside. She likes smelling it and eating leaves but she doesn’t like all the people and cars!




She still sleeps extremely unclassily.




And lastly, enjoy some gifs of her as a puppy learning some tricks!



Happy birthday Miss Lottie, we love you even though you can’t read this!

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