It’s Halloween soon and we have pretty much no plans. We were going to do a party like last year but as we’re going away to Switzerland so soon there really hasn’t been much time to prepare anything so this seems like a good opportunity to bust out the Lazy Inspiration.

I present the laziest Halloween nail art ever..


Yes it’s so lazy that the only thing that makes it Halloween themed is the colours…. totally counts!

I played with a few version of this so first the completely basic one.

Start by making a diagonal stripe with the orange and painting in the top half of the nail. Once it’s dry, repeat in the other direction using black.

… that’s it!



To get slightly more involved you can continue alternating colours and sides painting diagonally. With two colours it becomes an interesting arrow pattern.

If you add in a third colour and alternate them over diagonal stripe it turns into a cute plaited pattern!


Wow that was some super lazy nail art. But hey… Halloween technically isn’t even one of our holidays here in Australia!

If you want to read about some Halloween crafts and nail art from last year, have a look through these posts:

Next year we are so having a proper big party!


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