Recently I have been making a lot of presents for people! I like making presents because it means getting to craft and not having the results taking up a lot of space here 😀

The only down side is I have to wait for them to receive it before I post photos and tutorials haha!

I needle felted these gloves as a birthday gift for Christina who rocks.



So how to needle felt flowers? Let’s start!

You need:

  • Felting needle
  • Felting backing thing, I used to use foam but Kim gave me her brush thing which is waaaaay better as it’s actually specifically for this.
  • Wool roving
  • Gloves or whatever you’re felting to



I decided to do different colours per glove so one purple and one yellow with green flowers.



The gloves!



Stick the brush or whatever you’re using for backing inside the glove. It can be a bit awkward depending on the size. By actually putting the brush inside the glove the sides won’t stick together when we felt them.



Now let’s make the flowers. Felt a small yellow ball to the glove. Poke more around the edges to secure them.



Now punch a spiral pattern into the circle.



Next add a tear shaped petal and poke in the middle as a leaf shape.


Add a second one just overlapping it.


Repeat all over the glove in varying directions!






All done! I want to do this to the edge of my cardigans now, it’s so sweet ^_^


Hope you guys enjoyed and I hope Christina enjoys wearing them!



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