Today’s hairstyle is a big round beehive! After doing the pouf I decided on doing something a little more interesting with the back.

Here’s the text transcript with instructions!
Hello Besties!!!
Today we’ll be doing a big sort of poufy beehive updo kind of thingy!
So let’s get started!
Straightened hair is easier to work with for styles like this.
Separate you hair into two sections.
We’ll be working with the top half for the moment, so just tie the other section away.
Brush the top half foreword and then take a smaller section from the top.
Hairspray and then tease the bajeebus out of it.
Then roll the teased section down into a rough tube.
Pin it to the top of your head and shape with your fingers.
You could also use a rat instead if you don’t like to tease your hair.
Now we are going to take the section in front, hairspray and tease the back of it but not the front.
This way the pouf stays all smooth while still being volumous.
Place it over the top of the teased bit and then pin at the back.
So far it should look like this. Everyone keeping up? GREAT!
Grab a smaller section on the side, hairspray, tease the back and then fold over to pin at the back as well.
Repeat on the other side.
We’re using smaller sections this time rather than two huge sections on either side.
This will give us a more intricate, almost braided look at the end, because you can see each section at the back.
Keep taking smaller sections from the sides until you run out of hair!
When you get to this point you can either braid or fishtail the ends together.
I fishtailed it and it looked pretty messy because I didn’t have a mirror handy while filming this.
Then again, I’ll be covering mine with a bow so this is probably a little redundant…
You can make yours as intricate or plain as you’d like!
Then roll the rest of the hair up into a flat bun or leave it down if you’d prefer.
Mine was too long to do a french twist at the back, so I just rolled it into a bun and lined it to my scalp.
And pin in place!
So this is what the back of mine looks like at this point.
Of course you need hair accessories!
I like to use big flowers at the front and big bows for the back!
You can make the braiding more or less obvious depending on your preferences.
Either way, this is a fairly easy hairstyle that looks like it requires a lot more effort than it does!
Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you next time, bye!




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Bonus videos: I had to make an intro for the youtube channel so here it is ^_^

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