This time for my weekly youtube tutorial I wanted to try something different and so we have a new series… Violet Sucks at Cooking… But Looks Adorable Doing It!

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes2.56.19 PM


DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes3.37.30 PM


For the first episode I decided to make my own flavoured sugar cubes in cute little shapes.

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes2.57.12 PM


The hearts are my favorite!

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes2.57.20 PM


So get yourself a cute outfit and let’s get started. I made my chef hat, here’s how I did it!

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes2.57.43 PM

And here is the video version!

So let’s get started.

You need:

  • Sugar
  • Food colour or flavour, I’m using cake flavouring
  • Water
  • Cute moulds, preferably silicon

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes2.58.30 PM


Add your sugar to a mixing bowl. The amount you need depends on how many you want to make, I used around 1/4 of a cup to begin with then made another batch.

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes2.58.56 PM


Grab your flavouring, I chose strawberry.

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes2.59.11 PM


Add a few drops to the sugar.

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes2.59.29 PM



Mix it with a spoon thoroughly until it’s completely pink and coated.

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes2.59.50 PM

It smells SO good.

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes3.00.01 PM


Add a teaspoon or two of water to the mixture until it turns into a slushee kind of consistancy. You don’t want to dissolve or melt the sugar, just get it a bit damp.

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes3.00.13 PM

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes3.01.03 PM

Once the mixture is ready, spoon it into the moulds.

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes3.01.21 PM


Press the sugar into each shape, make sure it’s smooshed in so there are no air pockets.

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes3.01.39 PM


You should have something like this:

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes3.02.50 PM

Now pop them into the oven on the grill setting. You need to keep a close eye on them because we want the water to evaporate but we don’t want the sugar to melt.

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes3.01.53 PM

While I was waiting I had a puppy cuddle break. I think she was just trying to get to the sugar >_>

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes3.02.36 PM

If you don’t want to put the sugar into the oven you can just leave them out on the bench over night to dry.

Once they’re all hard and dry just pop them out on to a plate.

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes3.03.06 PM


Keep in mind that if you don’t have chocolate moulds like this you can just roll the sugar out on to a tray and use cookie cutters or a knife to cut the shapes.

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes3.03.16 PM



DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes3.03.27 PM


YAY!! So cute and delicious!

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes3.04.01 PM


I like to use them with English Breakfast tea, it’s delicious!

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes3.04.08 PM


Now let’s all rejoice that I didn’t burn the kitchen down 😀

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes3.04.35 PM

Hope you enjoyed and let me know what I should cook next!



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