I admit that I am a craft supply/clothes horder. I love finding new uses for items of clothing which I can no longer wear and that’s how Lottie came to have a cute new sweater.

While she doesn’t really *need* a sweater because of all of that fur, she is a total baby when it comes to the cold so the second it’s under like 15 degrees she’s trying to take my hot water bottle >_> we are both only children so neither of us share well and this was the compromise. Luckily it works so she can have her warm tummy and I can be selfish and not have to share my hot water bottle!


I started off with a children’s jumper that I picked up at a thrift store 8 years ago for $2. I wore it a bunch but the neck was just a bit small to be comfortable. I couldn’t get rid of it, that embroidery was just too sweet.



So let’s get started! I turned it inside out and measured Lottie. I cut it in the shape of… a smaller sweater ;D I cut off the ribbin at the bottom too to resew on and make it shorter in the middle.



I overlocked all of the edges again. Keep in mind if you’re sewing or cutting knitted fabric you need to be very careful because it will completely unravel if you don’t seal the seams well. If you can’t use an overlocker then use French seams so every single loose end is encased. I’ll add that technique to the Sew Fun list.



To make the neckline a bit more fur friendly I snipped it down the front into a V shape.



Then I stitched it up by hand. I pleated it a little bit so there was extra room in the front for her mane.


Done! This took me around 15 minutes start to finish and how cute is Lottie? I think she’d probably rather the hot water bottle but that’s one of the perks of being pack leader ;D



You guys have probably seen this photo before but it’s the creepiest photo of Lottie I’ve ever taken. Her little arms *_____*

“Hello fellow humans let’s all walk on two legs together and have bacon parties!”


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