This is the feeling of having finished your first cable knit sweater project:



I have wanted to learn to cable knit for years but it looks so complicated so I was scared off. I was given a lovely birthday present from my friends Dino Slippers and I used it to bite the bullet and purchase yarn and cable needles to try it out.

Of course I didn’t try a small project first, I made a gigantic cardigan XD



After a little trial and error I found some good online guides including this one on cable knitting and just kind of went with it. I’ve never knitted a cardigan or jumper before so this was a big project for me.

I didn’t have a pattern, I pretty much just winged it!


I did the arms first, they had a 2 strand cable up the middle and were stockinette stitch either side. I can’t remember how many stitches I used so I will give estimates for everything. Obviously do test swatches and see how many stitches you need. I used 7mm needles and 8ply yarn for a loose finish.

Arms- make 2!

Knit 10, purl 2, 2 strand cable, purl 2, knit 10.

Once it’s long enough to reach your arm pit, decrease one at the beginning of each row until you have only the cable and purl stitches left. Cast off.



Back – make 1

Knit 9, purl 2, 2 strand cable, purl 2, knit 5, purl 2, 6 strand cable, purl 2, knit 5, purl 2, 2 strand cable, purl 2, knit 9.

When it reaches your armpits decrease one at the start of each row until you think it’s long enough. Cast off.




Front pieces- make 1 then make one in reverse.

Knit 9, purl 2, 2 strand cable, purl 2, knit 5, purl 2, 6 strand cable, purl 2, knit 3.

Knit until you reach your arm pit. Decrease 1 at the beginning of each row until it’s as long as the back piece. It can get a bit tricking decreasing with the 6 strand cable. When you get to that section just decrease and entire cable and continue with it as a 5 strand cable. Cast off.




Sew all of the pieces together. I added a collar by picking up stitches from around the collar area and doing a knit 2, purl 2 rib along the edge.


All done!



I was really surprised how easy it was to cable knit. If you can plait or braid it’s really easy to see where the strands of knitting need to go next.



I had a great time making this cardigan and I really want to try another one in a smaller gauge so you can see the pattern!



What do you guys think? More cable knitting? I’m totally obsessed XD

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