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Clearasil is launching their new Daily Clear Vitamins and Extract Range and they are holding a competition to celebrate. The range contains a scrub and wash which are gentle enough to be used daily but still being powerful enough to help clear your skin and give you the confidence to take on the day. It’s definitely hard to be at your most confident if you’re worrying about your skin!



My pack even came with a pomegranate, yum! P1120684


The range is aimed at women who “…work hard and play hard” and as I’m apparently one of them, they asked me to test it out and see how it gave me the confidence to get through a typical busy day.

The problem is, my typical busy day isn’t very glamorous or internet worthy. In fact, those of you who watch my Daily V-Logs will know that most of my day look a lot like this:



And being even more realistic they look like this:



My days consist of answering emails, breakfast, writing posts, answering emails, lunch,  filming tutorials, taking calls, answering emails, dinner, writing tutorials, replying to comments, eating chips while drinking tea and answering more emails. Even Clearasil can’t make that look interesting.

Super glamorous, right? All of those things happen in front of the computer so it’s not like it makes for thrilling viewing!

But you know what’s more interesting than my actual life? How my life is in my dreams!

“How does that go?” I hear you asking….

At 9am I am woken by rays of sunshine streaming through my window as animated birds sing a jaunty morning tune. I’m already fully dressed, my outfit is awesome. I hope the birds didn’t dress me in my sleep, that would be a bit weird.

I don’t even need make up because my skin is so clear, my lashes are just that long and my eyelids are naturally gold and purple. If your eyelids match mine, you might want to consult a doctor.


I check my emails in bed and everything is positive! Oh look, a Nigerian Prince has written to me, that sounds lucrative!



I could play with the puppy in bed all day but instead I decide I should probably go do my morning cleansing routine.

Lucky for me, I’m so awesome that my skin just absorbs products via osmosis. YAY!


At 10am I decide I should probably do some work on the computer… screw that though!

Instead I use my mind powers to make all of that work just do itself 😀





That leaves me more time to think about how busy and important I am!


With no work to do, I head out to a really fancy place to meet someone for lunch.

At 11am I’m a bit early for lunch though.


Hmmm what could I possibly do while I wait?

Oh right…


When my lunch date arrives at 12 we have a very fancy lunch.

Deep fried balls of rice? Doesn’t sound so fancy… Arancini? Totally fancy.




After my busy important lunch it’s 1pm and time for a spot of shopping. Not regular shopping mind you, fancy shopping only.


By 4pm I’m a bit peckish so I stop at a lovely cafe for a spot of tea.



Better instagram those chips, that stuff is totally internet worthy and the general public needs to know whether these were crunchy or not! They were btw.

Clearasil-Advertorial-217   Clearasil-Advertorial-235


After  a bit of a relax at the cafe it’s 5:00pm so I head off to meet a friend after she finishes work. On the way I’m complimented by all kinds of random strangers on how confident, adorable and amazing I am. It’s probably the Clearasil.



At 6pm while drinking bubble tea with my friend I realise I should probably do some more blogging. I’m so good at it that I don’t even have to look at my phone. Sup.


By the time it’s 7pm I’m pretty tired from all of the being fabulous I did today so I head home.

When I arrive James has made me a 7 course dinner with all the trimmings.


Lottie is prepared for my arrival too of course. She’s a good dog and never pees anywhere she’s not supposed to. Don’t you love that?


By the time it’s 9 we’ve finished dinner so I do my nightly cleansing routine using the new Clearasil range again.

I decide to turn it into my own tv commercial and see how refreshing all of that water splashing around is.


What, you don’t shower in all of your clothes? Well I wouldn’t want to disappoint those animated birds by taking off all of their hard work!



10pm- with my busy day out of the way it’s time to do some relaxing! I love watching movies at night and knitting.


By midnight I’m all tuckered out. It’s been such a long tiring day that I don’t know how I managed it all! Time to go to sleep with my puppy and animated birds. James isn’t allowed in the bed, we have separate twin beds like Lucy and Ricki because we’re so awesome.


And so ends my super busy day, hopefully tomorrow is just like it!

All joking aside I did actually try the new range.


The results (and price) were nice so I’ll be continuing to use it.



The smell was fresh and  both products felt really nice on.


Afterwards I had a very clean feeling even though it was gentle enough for my sensitive skin. Even James tried and like it.



Here is some more information about the new range:

Product Information!
The brand new Daily Clear Vitamins & Extracts range from trusted skincare brand, Clearasil is a fruity formulation that gives you the confidence to put your best face forward every day. This latest innovation is a step change for the Clearasil brand. Designed for women who work hard and play hard, the new wash and scrub contains fruit extracts known for their skin conditioning properties, delicate enough to be used as part of a daily skin care routine.

Formulated with Avocado Extracts and nourishing Vitamin E, glycerine for hydration, as well as Pomegranate fruit extract, an anti-oxidant known to help keep skin looking and feeling healthy, these delicious smelling products cleanse gently and do not leave your skin over dried.

Containing less salycilic acid than other Clearasil products, the Vitamins & Extracts formulas are milder – working to help maintain clear skin through a combination of nourishing fruit extracts and effective cleansing properties that help prevent breakouts.

Using these products together as part of a regular daily cleansing routine will help the skin look and feel great so women have the confidence to put their best face forward all day, every day.

Scientifically formulated and dermatologist approved, the new range includes:

Clearasil Vitamins & Extracts Daily Wash RRP $10.99 – gentle enough to be used every day, while remaining effective at removing impurities and helping prevent breakouts

Clearasil Vitamins & Extracts Daily Scrub RRP $10.99 – contains glycerine to improve skin hydration Available from all leading Australian supermarkets, pharmacies and independent retailers.



Competition Time!

Clearasil is offering one lucky reader the chance to score a $500 experience of their choosing to enjoy with confidence!

Important information:

To enter leave a comment telling me about a time when you wish you’d had a boost of confidence!

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