I know you guys have been waiting for ages for the new shop and it’s now finally online! Rather than having several different stores for different items (etsy, spreadshirt etc) I will now be having a centralised store on this site for everything. Yay!

I’m starting with Bergamot stickers and the first set of art prints, as soon as the prototypes arrive here I will be adding Bergamot shirts and charms again. This way will take a little more time and work but I think it’s a better solution for everyone because I have better control over quality and being able to make sure everything is perfect 😀

You can visit the store from now on here.

Tomorrow is my birthday so I’ve decided to kick off with a bang and put everything at a 25% discount for the next 24 hours! Keep in mind that stocks are limited and once they sell out that’s it for this week so get in quickly!

I’ve embedded all of the items below as well to save you all some time!

Bergamot Merchandise:

[product id=”18864″]

 Artwork Prints – 6×4″

[products columns=”5″ ids=”18911, 18934, 18935, 18936, 18937″]

Artwork Prints – 7×5″

[products columns=”5″ ids=”18946, 18945, 18944, 18943, 18942″]

Artwork Prints – Sets

[products columns=”5″ ids=”18952, 18953″]


Thank you very much to everyone for your patience as I’ve gotten everything sorted out and I hope you find something you like!

As always requests, bugs, etc are welcome in the comments and see you guys tomorrow!

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