Another instalment of the Violet Triplets!

This time they managed to go all over Melbourne including to a strawberry picking field!

Dress: Infanta
Hat: Big W Modified by me
Shoes: Target
Cardigan: Ice
Bag: Lizlisa
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Brooch: Amaranth Opulent

One of the triplets is kind of a jerk though >_>

Dress: Valley Girl
Leggings: Coco Latte
Scarf: Thrift Shop

Dress: Target
Jacket: Ice
Shoes: 7 Angels
Hat: Portmans

I’m so upset about these shoes, they’re the only flats I’ve ever really liked and Lottie destroyed them while we were away ;_;

Dress: Ebay
Belt: Ebay
Shoes: DreamV
Scarf: random local junk shop

I love this outfit, I wish the shoes were more comfortable !!

Jeans: Valley Girl, bleached
Shirt: Thrift store
Shoes: 7 Angels

Comfy for shopping!

Casual for a lazy day at home!

Skirt: Thrift store
Shirt: Thrift store
Shoes: Target

And my favorite outfit:

Pants: Mum’s old pants modified by me
Shirt: Also Mum’s modified by me
Singlet: Coco Latte
Shoes: Dreamv

After all of that the Violet Triplets were pretty tired so they went home and had a nap 😀 See you next time!